Best Mouthpiece to Stop Snoring

“Laugh and the world laughs with you;
snore and you sleep alone!”

People looking for the best mouthpiece to stop snoring have a number of options. We have chosen to review the SleepPro standard anti-snoring mouthpiece.

SleepPro have a 98% success rate with their stop-snoring devices, which shows they are highly effective. In spite of their effectiveness, they are significantly less costly than professionally-fitted mouthpieces. The SleepPro is adjustable and easy to fit; it helps lessen your snoring from the first time you use it.

SleepPro Anti-Snore Mouth Guard

anti snore mouth guard
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How do Mouthpieces work to Stop Snoring?

Snoring is generally caused by the upper airway being partially constricted, causing the palate to vibrate when you breathe. The SleepPro mouthpiece is adjusted to bring the jaw forward, which opens the pharynx a little wider so that the vibration is stopped, or at least lessened.

best mouthpiece stop snoring The SleepPro stop-snoring mouth guard allows you to sleep better by helping you breathe more easily while you are sleeping. It works for almost everybody; even if you find it’s just not working for you, simply contact their Support staff who will be happy to help find a solution.

You are covered by a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the SpeepPro standard mouthpiece. You have nothing to lose but your snoring!

Each SpeepPro mouthpiece comes with careful instructions for use.

SleepPro have distribution centres in the USA, Australia and across Europe but they ship world-wide. Besides the standard mouthpiece, there are other mouthpieces in the SleepPro range:

  • SleepPro Easifit – $49.99 – the standard model;
  • SleepPro Woman – $49.99 – designed for the ladies;
  • SleepPro Sleep Tight – $79.99 – provides a more snug fit and more space for the tongue;
  • SleepPro Contour – $129.99 – provides 7 different settings for precise tension (more tailored);
  • Sleep Pro Custom – $235.99 – designed specially for you, for a perfect, top-grade fit. If you start smaller and upgrade to the Custom you’ll get a 20% discount!

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SleepPro Testimonials:

Mr Darren Kohl, Craigmore, Australia:
“After a couple of nights getting used to sleeping with my new SleepPro, I don’t notice it at all any more, nor does my wife notice my snoring. Well done!”

Mr David Gardiner, Northumberland, England:
“Just had a remarkable result from my first night with a SleepPro standard (S1). Many thanks!”

Ann Nutkins, Oxfordshire, England:
“It works like magic as my snoring has stopped! I am very impressed. So a superb product. Many thanks!”

Mr Kevin Huang, Taipei, Taiwan:
“This is by far the most effective thing I have tried for my snoring, thanks for your help!”

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