Best Treatments for Psoriasis of the Skin

Best treatments for psoriasis of the skin

Best Treatments, Psoriasis of the Skin and Scalp

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When you have a flare-up of psoriasis of the skin, most likely you’ll make an appointment to see your doctor. After making an examination he might prescribe one of these treatments:

  • a topical treatment (e.g. steroid cream)
  • over-the-counter drugs
  • injection and oral therapy
  • phototherapy (sunlight exposure etc.)

Treatments such as these, whether used singularly or in combination, might provide some symptomatic relief and make you feel better. However, the problem with conventional methods of treatment is that they don’t address the underlying cause of the condition, which means they cannot effect a cure. This leaves you vulnerable to repeated attacks in the future.

Still, it is a good idea to be aware of what is available and how it may help – or hinder – your chances of recovery.

Topical Applications – Generally, a topical ointment would be used at the first sign of psoriasis. If it is used early enough it could prevent a full-blown attack. However, for most people they become ineffective when used often, making them futile for long-term use. Yet, using a gel (e.g. aloe vera gel) or cream occasionally could help to relieve your symptoms.

Immunotherapy – by using immuno-modulators (a diverse array of non-steroidal preparations) which help to inhibit the formation of psoriatic plaque and skin lesions.

Steroids – Both internal and topical steroids can be prescribed to ease inflammation, itching and swelling.

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Injection and Oral Therapies – these are usually reserved for difficult-to-treat cases. They include 3 main injectable and oral medications:

  • Cyclosporin – an immuno-suppressant drug that was originally used with transplant patients to help counteract organ rejection. It helps to inhibit the production of T-cells (a type of white blood cell), which in turn helps to prevent the formation of scaly plaque on the skin.
  • Methotrexate – this drug is an immune system suppressant and is also used in chemotherapy. It is used in more severe cases of psoriasis to slow down the growth of plaque and keep psoriasis lesions from growing.
  • Oral Retinoid – these are vitamin-A-based drugs that fall under 2 main groups, Acitretins and Isotretinoins.

Drug Therapies have Side-Effects!

All drugs have side-effects and psoriasis drug therapies are no exception. Apart from irritation from these medications, there are also some more serious ones, including:

  • dermatitis
  • stretch marks
  • thinning of the skin
  • acne-like skin eruptions
  • increased darkening or lightening of the skin
  • increased blood vessel formation
  • inflammation of the hair follicles
  • infection
  • loss of effect with continued use

How to cure psoriasis of the scalpPhototherapy – One of the safest forms of psoriasis treatment (and also one of the most effective) is natural sunlight. It can help to heal tender and damaged skin. Short periods of exposure (5 – 10 minutes) done daily work best. Speak to your doctor before attempting any phototherapy treatment on your own.

Phototherapy produces best results when combining UVA and UVB rays with topical steroids or other ointments.

Dead Sea Salt – Bathing in the salty Dead Sea is said to produce mild relief from psoriasis. Some sufferers return annually to spend time in the mineral-rich waters.

Because of the variety of conventional psoriasis therapies available, patients can have difficulty in deciding whether or not the relief offered is worth the risk. You should discuss the pros and cons of all medications with your doctor before undergoing any psoriasis treatment.

Best Natural Remedy for Psoriasis that works

With so many potential health risks involved with conventional psoriasis treatments, are there any safe and effective alternative cures for psoriasis? The answer is YES!

Best treatments psoriasis of the skinEx-psoriasis sufferer, Dan Crawford, has created Psoriasis Revolution, a 7-step system for treating and preventing all types of psoriasis and related skin disorders naturally, safely and permanently, using proven holistic strategies. In a 268-page e-book it describes in-depth the root causes of psoriasis and explains the steps to follow so that the symptoms disappear completely – and permanently.

There are 5 main sections. The book begins with a comprehensive discussion about the skin, which will give you a better understanding of your skin than you ever had before. You will learn about the different kinds of psoriasis, the link between psoriasis and arthritis, how it affects children, its psychological effects and much more.

The next section deals with diagnosis and evaluation procedures:

  • The signs and symptoms of psoriasis
  • How a diagnosis is made
  • A typical physical examination procedure
  • Related medical disorders that might inhibit a true diagnosis
  • What tests to expect

Next, you will learn about various treatments offered by the medical community – and the risks attached to each treatment. This will help you understand why it is so important to use holistic remedies to help rid your body of the toxins that are causing your condition.

Section 5 – the 7-Step Psoriasis-Elimination Program

New cure psoriasisYou can reverse psoriasis completely if you know what to do. After several years of research, Dan Crawford has compiled this 7-step psoriasis-reversal program. As simple as it might seem at first, this system has brought relief and a

As simple as it might seem at first, this system has brought relief and a cure from psoriasis to thousands of former sufferers.

The Psoriasis Revolution system can ease your suffering and make the itch and burn of an outbreak a thing of the past. No more nasty stares. No more giggles. Can you imagine how good that would feel?

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Best Treatments for Psoriasis of the Skin
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