Liquid Multivitamins for Children

The Power of Liquid Organic Multivitamins for Children

Why choose liquid multivitamins for children over pills? For one thing, liquid supplements are better absorbed than pills. Also, a liquid formula is easier for children to swallow, especially if it tastes like raspberries!

best multivitamin kids

The manufacture of pills, capsules and tablets requires the application of heat, which could affect some  ingredients.  There are usually chemicals, coatings, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients added to the mix. When your child takes a multivitamin in liquid form, you can be sure that it will be rapidly absorbed.

Best Organic Multivitamin for Children

Drucker Labs have created a truly remarkable organic supplement providing liquid multivitamins for children best liquid multivitamins mineralsover the age of 4 years called IntraKID. This is a pleasant-tasting blend of over 215 vital ingredients derived from herbs, vegetables and fruits, as well as 71 organic trace minerals, perfectly balanced for a growing child.

It’s the most comprehensive blend of liquid multivitamins for children. IntraKID provides ALL your child’s nutritional support – no other vitamin or mineral supplements are needed.

Much of our foods are grown in soil which is depleted of trace minerals; IntraKID helps to replace minerals that have been lost due to industrialized farming.

IntraKID’s unique, all-in-one formula can even help detoxify the body by bonding to inorganic toxins which it reduces to ultra-tiny particles that can easily be eliminated.

Benefits of Multivitamins for Children: IntraKID by Drucker Labs

  • IntraKID ensures that your child has all the nutrients required for healthy growth and development
  • 100% organic, all-natural, raspberry-flavored, safe for vegetarians
  • Contains no additives, synthetics, gluten or corn
  • The liquid formula makes it more agreeable for children to swallow
  • It’s excellent for filling nutritional “gaps”
  • It contains enzymes and probiotics to support healthy digestion
  • It encourages healthy sleep patterns
  • It promotes a healthy mood
  • It fortifies the immune system.

best liquid multivitamin kids

Best Liquid Multivitamin Reviews

IntraKID Reviews –  Average rating: 4.6 out of 5!

“IntraKID made a HUGE difference to my son’s health… Our doctor said that most kids don’t get everything they need from diet alone. I saw a difference in my son within a week of using this product and a good pro-biotic. I think that using this supplement might be one of the best things you can do for a growing child… Spend the money, it’s so worth it!” ~ by aleigh

“My son has special needs so it’s important that he gets all the essential nutrients his body needs to be healthy. When we first were introduced to the product, his development had slowed down, he was underweight and I knew he wasn’t getting what he needed. We started using IntraKID and I saw immediate results. He started sprouting up like a weed! He started gaining weight and his appetite came back. We’ve been using it for almost 2 years now and I am very thankful we found it when we did!” ~ by scthomas

“I am very happy to find a supplement that is so complete for my son. I have looked for almost a year to find the perfect blend. This includes everything any parent would want for their child. My 7 year old says it doesn’t taste great but takes it anyway without complaining because I told him it was liquid gold. I ordered the adult one for myself and cant wait to get it.” ~ by Mom of child with Tourette’s

Order IntraKID liquid multivitamins for children online from Global Healing Center.

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