How to Become a Certified Nutritionist

“BE the change you want to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Ghandi

If you are a personal trainer, sports coach or just a regular person who wants to help others attain optimal health though eating correctly, we can show you how to become a certified nutritionist and make positive change in people’s lives. This will also be a pretty cool way to boost your own reputation at the same time.

certified nutritionist online course

You need more than basic nutritional knowledge when dealing with clients. You need to be proficient in your field of expertise and you need a trusted system, one that will help people make well-grounded progress. We’ll be looking at 3 certified nutritionist programs that you can follow online.

Nutritionist Certification Programs Online

1. The David Wolfe Nutrition Certification program $599.00 CAD (or $54 CAD/month)  

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“I found myself not only learning from nutrition basics, herbalism, Chinese medicine, superfoods and power mushrooms but also the most intricate mechanisms of the human mind and body that I could never have imagined learning of before.” ~ Ivonne Delaflor Alexander

Who is David “Avocado” Wolfe?

David holds a Master’s degree in nutrition and is known around the world for his expertise in holistic health, nutrition, ecology, natural beauty – and how to make a chocolate at home! His expert advice is sought-after by Hollywood celebrities,  wellness professionals, top CEOs as well as busy moms. He’s also a spokesman for the Nutribullet blender.

The online David Wolfe Nutrition Certification program includes:become holistic nutritionist

  • 240+ video lessons with David;
  • a 750-page transcribed manual;
  • more than 1,000 inter-active course parts;
  • step-by-step coaching guides;
  • learning how to craft your own elixirs;
  • how to create your own healthy blends of chocolate!
  • the science of raw and superfoods;
  • herbal solutions for body and mind;
  • the science, benefits and mystery of spring water;
  • access to student discussions;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase;
  • Once you pass you’ll receive your Certificate of Completion.

You have one year of online access to complete your certification.

Bonus Course: When you enroll for David’s Nutrition Certification program you will also receive the BodyMind Nutrition 101 Certification course (value: $499.00 CAD) as a free gift for enrolling. 

I’ve completed the course – what can I do as a graduate?

You will notice as you progress through the course that incredible business ideas will come up:

  • You could add your new certification to your existing health qualification
  • Start your own organic gardening business
  • Open a health bar, store or distribution network
  • Create a new supplement line
  • Do wellness coaching, write articles and books
  • Start a health-related blog or website and so much more…

The cost of this course is $599.00 Canadian dollars; however, there is a 12-month payment plan available at $54.00 CAD per month should you wish to pay it off over 12 months.

You can work through your courses in your own time according to your schedule.

“You are made or unmade by your own education~ David Wolfe

2. The Wholistic Nutrition Practitioner Certificate program$625.78 CAD (or $57.36 CAD/month). This is a mark-down price – regular price is $893.97 CAD!)

online nutritionist programs

The Wholistic Nutrition Practitioner Certificate program is a compilation of 9 courses designed to set you up as a nutrition practitioner:

  • Cleansing Intensive – Discover the art of holistic cleansing and detoxifying! You will learn how to understand the cleansing process so that you can easily plan for it;
  • Coaching Profits Intensive – How would you like to run your own coaching or consulting business? Would you like to accelerate results in the shortest possible time and with the least expense? This course will teach you how to go from start to having a fully-functioning, scalable business in one month or less, how to develop true sales mastery and have the confidence to attract any client, from an individual person to a full corporate board;
  • David “Avocado” Wolfe: “Living Nutrition” – You will love David’s earthy approach to nutrition! He will show you how to enhance your overall well-being, how to naturally detox your body right down to cellular level, increase your longevity, stamina and vitality, balance your hormones and enhance your mental stamina and brain power;
  • Essence of Emotional Intelligence – This unique course will teach you how you can improve your relationships by gaining enhanced awareness through understanding the essence of “emotional intelligence”;
  • Fermentation for Life – Background of Culturing and Wild Dairy Fermentation – Discover how to make your own cultured butter, buttermilk and Crème fraîche, the 3 kinds of fermentation techniques and how to create the correct conditions to boost these processes;
  • Fermentation For Life with Kombucha – kvass and Probiotic Tonics – Learn how to make your own fermented elixirs! You’ll discover little-known fermentation secrets from many parts of the world that have been used for thousands of years;
  • Flower Essences – Celebrity herbologist, Dr. Terry Willard, will help you develop a deep understanding of the many varieties of plant life. He will take you through 44 different flower essences and formulas for their daily use;certified nutritionist programs online
  • Making Chocolate at Home With David “Avocado” Wolfe – Did you know that people have been making chocolate for over 10,000 years? David will teach you this ancient skill step-by-step so you can make your own! Raw cacao is an amazing superfood with many benefits for your health;
  • Stress Management Tools 365 – Learn how to minimize stress and regain your peace of mind through simple adjustments you can make to your ways of thinking and behaving, the logic of forgiveness and how to respond to adversity.

Click here for a more detailed description of this course (PDF)

3. Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification – $2,999 CAD (or $274.90 CAD/month)

nutritionist courses online

If you have a really deep passion for wholistic nutrition you might like to upgrade your studies with the Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification program. This is a compilation of 25 of the most popular courses offered by the BodyMind Institute. It will prepare you on all levels to become a successful proponent of wholistic nutrition.

The cost of this program is $2,999.00 (CAD); a 12-month payment plan is available at $274.90 (CAD) per month. These are the 25 premier courses making up the Master package:

1) David Wolfe Nutrition Certification   (136.3 hours of video lessons)
2) BodyMind Nutrition 101   (61.2hrs)
3) Genesis Eating Healthy 365   (24.4hrs)
4) Coaching Profits Intensive   (23hrs)
5) Language of Mastery   (16.4hrs)
6) 5 Accelerated Learning Lectures with Dr. Keith Beasley   (5hrs)
7) Living Your Dream Life   (5.7hrs)
8) The Revenue Formula   (8.2hrs)
9) Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden   (12.4hrs)
10) Raw Chef Certification   (23.0hrs)
11) WRC – Herbology 101   (191.2hrs)
12) Human Anatomy & Physiology 1   (39.7hrs)
13) Fermentation For Life 1 – with Dairy and Coconut Yogurts   (4.5hrs)
14) Fermentation For Life 2 – Background of Culturing and Wild Dairy Fermentation   (2.5hrs)
15) Fermentation For Life3 –  With Kefir, Ginger Ale and Sparkling Drinks   (2.9hrs)
16) Fermentation For Life 4 – With Kombucha, Kvass and Probiotic Tonics   (4.7hrs)
17) Fermentation For Life 5 – With Probiotic Condiments   (3.5hrs)
18) Fermentation For Life 6 – With Vegetables   (5.0hrs)
19) Fermentation For Life 7 – With Vegetables Part 2 – Cabbages   (3.4hrs)online nutrition certification programs
20) Fermentation For Life 8 – Review Lesson  1 – 7   (1.0hrs)
21) Fermentation for Life 9 – Simple Cheeses   (3.5hrs)
22) Fermentation for Life 10 – Natural Cured Meats   (3.2hrs)
23) Fermentation for Life 11 – Sourdough   (3hrs)
24) Fermentation For Life 12 – Legumes   (3.3hrs)
25) Fermentation For Life 13 – Beer, Wines, Meads and Ciders   (3.9hrs)

Click here for more detailed course descriptions

You will have 2 years’ unlimited online access to the materials for this program, so you’ll have plenty of time to delve deeply into your studies.

Courses and Prices Summary

David Wolfe

Nutrition Practitioner

Wholistic Nutrition
Master Practitioner

$599.00 (CAD)
(or $54 CAD/month)

$625.78 CAD
(or $57.36 CAD/month)

$2,999.00 CAD
(or $274.90 CAD/month)

become nutritionist online
online nutritionist courses
how to become a certified nutritionist online<br />

Select any of these 3 courses so you can learn how to become a certified nutritionist and enrich people’s lives with your new-found knowledge!

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