How to Make a Home Eco-Friendly

Before we start discussing how to make a home eco-friendly, let’s first see why it’s necessary to make our homes eco-friendly in the first place.

how to improve house air quality Many health conditions are caused by an unhealthy home or work environment. The air we breathe is contaminated with toxic gases discharged from vehicles, aircraft, factories and the like. Houses and workplaces are sometimes built in such a way that air cannot flow freely through. The result is that toxic particles become trapped inside.

How to improve drinking water quality Chemicals that are added to our water can have a huge impact on our health and well-being. Water-borne toxins can enter your body through your skin when you wash or swim, through the water you drink or the food that you cook in it and can accumulate in your clothing, bedding and towels.

Knowing how to make a home eco-friendly is the first step towards eliminating these unhealthy situations. It’s a good idea also to strengthen your immune system by starting your day with a green superfood  drink.

How to make a home eco-friendly with a Green Living Kit

what is a green living kit

What is a Green Living Kit?

A green-living kit is a set of tools that can help you create a clean, healthy and green living environment. It focuses on the everyday sources of indoor toxins – chemicals in water, air pollution etc.

how to improve house air quality1.   The portable plug-in air purifier can treat the air in any room in your home. It reduces volatile chemical compounds (VOCs), mold, smoke, odors, fungi and organisms.

It even has a buit-in electrical outlet so you can operate another appliance through it.

No filters to replace; just plug it in and switch it on.

2.  With the single-use drinking-water-test kit you can test your domestic water for any unsafe levels of common contaminants quickly and easily.

3.  The Secret to Health DVD by Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center – This DVD reveals information suppressed by the medical establishment. It contains detailed advice on how to take control of your body and restore your health.

how to make a home eco friendly4.  Dr. Group’s book, “The Green Body Cleanse“, hard-cover and PDF – This ground-breaking book contains 20 years’ worth of Dr. Group’s research.

You will discover how to restore your body’s natural healing powers and how to make a home eco-friendly to help you live an organic, healthy lifestyle.

how to improve drinking water quality The Wellness carafe – This is an optional item that you can add on when you purchase the Green Living Kit.

The filter purifies your drinking water and removes harmful substances such as chlorine, lead and toxic metals.

Replacement cartridges can be ordered online from Global Healing Center.

The items comprising the Green Living Kit can also be purchased separately from Global Healing Center.

Green Living Kit

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