What Causes Psoriasis of the Skin?

If you’re wondering what causes psoriasis of the skin, the cause will be different from patient to patient. Besides being a hateful skin disorder, psoriasis is a serious health concern.

It’s defined as a chronic, inflammatory, non-contagious skin disease that is typified by blistering scabs and sores that break out all over the body. It can be easily recognized by its crusty sores, silver-white scales and oozing lesions.

causes of psoriasis of the skinWhat makes these embarrassing pustules suddenly burst out on the skin? Studies tell us that the blame lies with a faulty auto-immune response.

Something causes your immune system to bring about an over-supply of new skin cells. This happens more rapidly than the old cells die off, with the result that the new cell growth accumulates into a mass of hardened scabs and scaly pustules.

What can prompt such a frightening reaction in the skin?

Could your digestive system cause psoriasis of the skin?

No-one would have thought that something out of kilter with your colon or stomach could start off a severe psoriasis outbreak. Yet, recent research has uncovered a distinct connection between a “leaky gut” (perforated colon) and an episode of scaly psoriasis.

According to Edgar Cayce, the true origin of psoriasis is in the intestines, from which toxins percolate into the body:

“The conditions that exist through the thinning of the walls of the intestines allow the poisons to find expressions in the lymph circulation; thus producing the irritation to and through the epidermis itself…”

The immune system responds by thickening the skin. Simultaneously, the skin attempts to eliminate the toxins through its layers, causing sores and scabs to form.

Could arthritis cause psoriasis of the skin?

The colon isn’t the only link to psoriasis that researchers have found. Arthritis seems also to be a contributor. A large percentage of psoriasis sufferers end up developing some form of psoriatic arthritis.

In contrast to those with “regular” forms of arthritis, people with psoriatic arthritis do not display a rheumatoid factor in a blood test. This is an indication that the condition of arthritis is solely derived either from the psoriasis itself or from the fundamental cause of the psoriasis.

types psoriasis pictures

Before and after following the
Psoriasis Revolution

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Could it be a virus that causes psoriasis of the skin?

Scientists have discovered that some auto-immune disorders (such as arthritis) can be linked to viral infections. Consequently, some researchers tend to think that psoriasis may also begin with a virus, which is what triggers the immune system to slip into overdrive.

causes psoriasis of the scalp

Other possible causes of psoriasis of the skin

  • Genetics – If there is someone in your family who suffers from psoriasis then there’s a good chance that you will, too.
  • Environmental factors – If you are consistently inundated with toxins in your environment, your skin might retaliate and cause a psoriasis outbreak.
  • A weak immune system – If your lymphatic system is not functioning properly, your skin will not be able to repair itself properly. This could trigger a psoriasis flare-up.

As we have seen, there is no single cause of psoriasis. Each individual patient will need to consider his or her own risk factors in order to determine potential triggers. Only then can he develop the best treatment plan.

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what causes psoriasis of the skin
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  1. I am not very familiar with psoriasis, thank goodness! It looks very uncomfortable, if not painful. I hope there is an effective treatment for this disorder.

    1. Although medics say that there is “no cure” for psoriasis, this claim is untrue. Medical students are not trained to cure, they are trained to treat symptoms with medications. Drugs do not cure, they might provide temporary relief from pain, discomfort etc. but the condition remains in the body. Everything we need for optimal health is found in Nature. Your body is an amazing healing machine; when you nourish it correctly and follow a healthy lifestyle, it heals everything. The protocol for eliminating psoriasis is set out in Psoriasis Revolution by the author, Dan Crawford, who used it to cure his own psoriasis.

  2. I have a cousin with psoriasis. It has plagued him for years. So painful for him. He suffers from a lot of arthritis so i find what you are saying interesting. No one else has it in the family so I wonder if he has another issue that drove him into the condition. I agree what you say about natural cures. I wish he would try some but he has continued with medical symptom treatments for all these years much of the time without relief. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree that it is often difficult to convince people to think for themselves, rather than follow blindly whatever the medics/pharmacists tell them because “they know best”. The body, of course, knows better. When we become ill it is because something is out of balance in the body. When the body is properly nourished and cleansed (through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle), it heals everything. NO medication can do that, period.

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