Activate Your Fat-Burning Cells With This Sneaky Recipe!

Activate your fat burning cells recipe

“Activate Your Fat-Burning Cells” Recipe

Tired of lugging around an overweight body? You’re about to discover a little-known “activate-your-fat-burning-cells” recipe!

Which of these would you be willing to do to burn more fat:

  • A – suffer 1-2 hours in a frigid bath containing 2 pounds of rock-solid ice?
  • B – submerge your face in ice-cold water until your cheeks are numb?
  • C – lug around a vest filled with bone-chilling icepacks that can “burn” your skin?
How to convert white fat to brown fat

I’m sure none of those sounds like fun to you. Yet, that’s the latest craze on popular Paleo and “bio-hacking” blogs.

Not only is this completely insane, new studies show that it could backfire and skyrocket your appetite! That’s why I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone – unless it’s someone who loves being freezing cold and very hungry!

However, there is something crucially important that we can learn from this insanity:

It’s a “metabolic recipe” that can skyrocket the rate at which your body burns fat calories. That’s important because the average person carries 135,000 calories of pure fat, and much of it is diet-resistant.

==> Use This Metabolic Recipe to Start Burning 135,000 Calories of Fat <==

This “activate your fat-burning cells” recipe is completely safe and doesn’t require you to freeze yourself. It even helps to control hunger.

How to Activate Brown Fat in Adults

Some people try to freeze themselves thin in order to stimulate a special “fat-burning” fat called brown fat.

Your body created brown fat when you were younger so you could generate heat and keep warm. However, brown fat loses this ability as you age. Your body loses its calorie-burning power. The result is – you get fat.

Freezing your body is one painful way to re-activate it. It warms you up by burning fat calories for heat. This process is known as cold thermogenesis. However, its effects are only temporary.

Now Here’s the Bigger Problem (and the Better Solution):
Even if you’re desperate enough to try this, you’ll be tapping into only a fraction of your full fat-burning potential.

Fat, including brown fat, burns just 4.1% of your total daily calories. But what about the rest? What would happen if you could fully activate the calorie-burning potential of the other 95.9%?

Well, scientists have discovered a fascinating way of doing that – without getting frostbitten. For example, here’s how much the rest of your body can burn when fully activated:

  • Your brain: 20.4%
  • Heart: 7.3%
  • Liver: 21.8%
  • Kidneys: 7.3%
  • Bone and other tissues: 16.9%
  • Add another 22.2% for your muscles…

…and now you have 95.9% of your whole body torching fat. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have 95.9% of my body burning fat calories vs. just 4.1%!

Brown Fat Activation Technique

Now it’s possible to activate the full fat-burning potential of all your cells, not just brown fat cells.

Most of us struggle with extra weight and low energy because our cells are stuck in 2nd gear. Imagine your entire body’s metabolism shifted into 1st gear: How quickly would you trim off excess weight, get a boost in energy and look and feel younger?

All this can happen while you develop a stronger heart – and sharpen your brain function.

This new “metabolic recipe” allows you to do just that, no matter your age.

Brown fat activation technique
Sheri lost 16 lbs. in the first 22 days…
but went on to lose 125 lbs. in total!

==> Use This Metabolic Recipe to Start Burning 135,000 Calories of Fat <==

The “metabolic recipe” is a revolutionary program developed by Dr. Jade Teta; he calls it The Metabolic Factor Blueprint.

You can use this “metabolic recipe” for breakfast, lunch or dinner, any day of the week.

The unique combination of foods in this “metabolic recipe” floods your body with a little-known hormone that’s the secret to why cold thermogenesis works… temporarily. The difference is that this recipe boosts this powerful, body-rejuvenating “lean body” hormone for extremely long periods. Here’s how.

Eat Foods That Smother Fat Cells and Burn Calories Instead!

People often struggle to lose excess fat; they get stuck with pockets of fat that just don’t respond to conventional weight loss diets and exercises. They can’t find the energy to do what they want and even have brain fog issues.

Your body gets energy from 2 sources: carbohydrates and fats. Your body can only store about 2,500 calories from carbohydrates, whereas its potential to store fat is practically unlimited. That is why it is so important to burn stored fat for energy, rather than to rely on carbohydrates for fuel.

That is the secret to eliminating stubborn fat and regaining the vigor of your youth. If you don’t put your metabolism into high gear, those pockets of fat won’t budge!

Activating the “Secret” Fat-Loss Hormone
Shredding diet for females

There’s a hormone your body produces that can kick-start your metabolism into burning off excess fat from your hips, thighs, abdomen – your whole body, in fact (you can’t localize fat loss).

The good news is that this fat-freeing hormone (nutrition specialists call it IGF-1) can help you burn off fat without giving up the foods you love.

Most of us live with dangerously-low levels of the IGF-1 hormone. We don’t eat correctly; we maintain a regular eating pattern, yet wonder why things don’t change.

The fault lies often with bad dietary habits.

A Simple Diet Adjustment

We will begin our fat-loss adventure by overhauling the way we eat. The foods we are going to be eating will include those that trigger the production of the IGF-1 hormone, and we will eliminate those foods that block it.

The IGF-1 Solution

If you’ve heard of Dr. Jonny Bowden, you’ll know that he is a certified nutrition specialist. He is also a New York Times bestselling author and natural weight loss specialist.

His easy-to-follow system for rejuvenating your body is set out in a 75-page ebook. He calls it “The Metabolic Factor“. It’s an easy-to-follow, 22-day program that can finally get your fat-burning cells into action. The program comes with 4 free bonuses.

==> Get The Metabolic Factor <==

Activate your fat burning cells recipe

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