Choosing the Best Coccyx Cushion for your Back

Article by Aria Akachi

best coccyx cushion

Choosing the Best Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain

In our society there are many people who spend the majority of their time sitting. Often this entails sitting in a specific chair. This means the health of their backs, torsos, and upper bodies depends significantly on the support structure of that chair. If any type of pain starts to develop, such as back or coccyx pain, often the cause is a lack of proper support from the chair in which they are spending their time.

This is where a coccyx wedge cushion for your seat can really help.

 How Useful Are These Cushions for Sitting?

It is no surprise that something like an office or receptionist’s chair would lack proper support. These types of chairs often have simple, low-cost designs and were never researched for long-term effects on back support. While there are very good chairs on the market that provide excellent back support, including extra support in the lumbar area, the best coccyx cushion can be quite expensive.

 How a Wedge Seat Cushion Improves Your Structure

A wedge seat cushion improves the support structure of the chair that needs it by giving the torso and back added lift. By putting your spine in a more upright position, it keeps it in a straighter and more natural position. This creates slightly less strain on your back muscles. Even if the amount is minimal, considering the number of hours you’ll be spending in a chair, that will amount to a huge difference over time.

best seat cushion for lower back pain

A wedge seat cushion works well in all types of chairs and sitting situations. They are great for office workers, receptionists, or call-center personnel. This is especially true if you spend most of your time leaning forward to work at a desk or on a computer.

However, these wedge cushions can also work well with a family room chair, in a car seat or driver’s seat, or at home. Since they are lightweight and portable, there is also no reason why you can not use a wedge seat cushion in multiple places by simply transporting it with you.

Materials Used

The materials used to make wedge cushions have advanced significantly as well. The padding today is often memory-foam, which is an excellent substance to provide both support and comfort. It is the material of choice for all types of cushions and pads. You will also find inflatable wedge cushions for wheelchairs, which use air as the main support mechanism. These can be very effective as well.

You will also want to choose a wedge seat pad that has the best shape and height for your needs. This is hard to know without trying them out but these wedge pads will come in different thicknesses and angles. Each will have a slightly different effect on your posture and back support, and people usually just have to try one and see how it works out.

The inner workings of the cushion usually determine the effectiveness for the intended purposes here. To meet the purposes, the cushions will usually make use of foam, water as well as gel and air.

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Best coccyx cushion for your back and posture

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