Best Full-Body-Cleanse Detox

There is a basic reason why we would experience a down-turn in our health. It is because our bodies have become saturated with toxic waste. Although we have a built-in curative mechanism, in such conditions it is unable to keep our bodies healthy. The first step towards reversing this toxic condition is to find the best full-body-cleanse detox program.

Best full-body cleanse detox

The Best Full-Body Detox Program

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To avoid your body sinking into poor health, the best approach would be to give yourself a regular, organic body-cleanse detox. The best full-body-cleanse detox program would comprise a number of steps. For example, the nine-step body cleanse program goes like this:

  1. Complete a questionnaire on your current state of health;
  2. Perform your first colon cleanse;
  3. Proceed to your first liver cleanse; rest for 1 week;
  4. Perform your second liver cleanse; rest for one week;
  5. Perform a kidney cleanse;
  6. Proceed to the harmful-organism cleanse;
  7. Perform your third liver cleanse; rest for 1 week;
  8. Proceed to the chemical and toxic metal cleanse;
  9. Complete the health questionnaire again to assess your progress.

What is a Full Body Cleanse Kit?

The 9-step body cleanse kit includes:

  • 2 bottles Oxy-Powder (120 capsules each) to cleanse your colon and help keep you regular;
  • 2 bottles Latero-Flora to populate your intestines with healthy flora to support a healthy colon;
  • 3 bottles Livatrex to detox and clean your liver and gall bladder;
  • 1 bottle Paratrex to eliminate harmful organisms from your intestines;
  • 2 bottles Zeotrex Organic Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanser;
  • 6 packages of Dr. Group’s Detox Foot Pads to help expel toxins;
  • 1 x 2-ounce bottle Renaltrex to cleanse and detoxify the kidneys;
  • Dr. Group’s book, “The Green Body Cleanse”, hard-cover and PDF (you get both with the full body cleanse detox program kit).

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Why the 9-Step Body Cleanse gives the best full body cleanse detox

The nine-step body cleanse kit gives you everything you need to perform a complete body cleanse. Over a period of 4 months, it helps boost your energy, improve your digestion, support your brain power and promote general physical well-being.

It’s the best way to get all the full body detox cleanse products in one purchase, which also saves you money. It’ll make you feel like a new person!

Body Cleanse Kit User Testimonials

You can see all the user testimonials here.

Amazing Results so far!(5/5) – Although I have only completed the colon cleanse so far, I am extremely happy with the program. Looking for more amazing results as I move forward with the cleansing.” – by Beth

“Excellent program! (5/5) – Have completed the colon and first liver cleanse and feel fantastic. Skin is younger-looking all over as I’m now totally hydrated. Looking forward to doing the remaining 7 steps!” – by JeanK

“The best cleanse on the market! (5/5) – My whole family did this cleanse…Dr. Group…does his role REALLY well…I feel like I have added an extra 20 years onto my lifespan. I liked it so well I purchased two extra liver cleanses and am planning on repeating the whole 9-step again within a year.” – by Kji

Best full body cleanse products

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