Discover the Best Supplement for Cellular Energy

best supplement for cellular energy

Energy at the Cellular Level

When the cells in your body are unable to produce enough energy, you’re sure to feel it. It’s a sure sign that you’re no longer a “spring chicken”. However, it’s not surprising, as lack of energy and aging go together.

Still, there’s no reason you have to go through that.

Nature has gifted us with a nutrient that can increase your energy by three times – or even four times – in just a few days.

How Does It Work?

best CoQ10 supplement

It does its job by firstly massively increasing the number of mitochondria “engines” in your cells. Then it safeguards those engines and keeps them humming happily along.

Your mitochondria are tiny, independent energy-producers inside your cells. They make energy from the nutrients you consume, not just for running around but for all your bodily functions.

Just as what happens to a car engine over time also happens to your mitochondria – they oxidize. When a car engine rusts (oxidation), it won’t produce as much power or run as well. As you age, your mitochondria also become degraded, undersized and fewer in number.

This slowing down is one of the things that concern people the most as they age.

Discover the Best Supplement for Cellular Energy

Enter: PQQ

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a chemical compound that assists in chemical processes in the body. Most people don’t know about it. Unless you habitually read scientific journals you’ve most likely not heard of it either. They don’t teach this in nutrition classes and you’re certainly not going to hear about it from your doctor.

You may experience positive changes once you introduce your body to PQQ. It can reverse the loss of energy that happens as you age and helps to keep your cells in a youthful and healthy condition.

Another benefit of PQQ that is not very well known, even by the older community, is that it is also a powerful antioxidant. It also works harder and for much longer than other antioxidants. It is so strong and stable that it works through thousands of antioxidant cycles. Other antioxidants, such as those in green tea, break down rapidly. PQQ, however, carries on protecting you many times longer.

Foods That Contain PQQ

Once you appreciate how important PQQ is, you’ll want to get some through your food. Right now, people are not getting enough of it because they don’t know what to eat or even that it’s there. It’s present in a few, specific foods and these are what they are:

  • Natto (fermented soy beans, a traditional Japanese food) has the most PQQ
  • Eggs rank second for PQQ – one of the reasons why eggs are so nutritious
  • Parsley has some PQQ
  • Kiwi fruit has a small amount (kiwi also has lots of healthy fat)
  • Green tea also has some PQQ, one of its many health benefits
  • Green peppers

PQQ as a Supplement

You can also get PQQ in supplement form. However, here’s what you need to know about PQQ supplements: as PQQ is a costly substance, some supplement manufacturers provide a lower dose or lower quality. Many of them have only a 5mg dose – but you need to have 10mg.

It’s a good idea to combine it with CoQ10, because that’s the fuel that your mitochondria use.

So what could be the best supplement for cellular energy?

CoQ10 and PQQ with Shilajit

best pqq supplement

The great news is that you don’t need to search around for the best PQQ supplement as well as the best CoQ10 supplement. You don’t even have to worry about getting the doses right. Global Healing have done all the work for you. They’ve even added a healthy catalyst to improve absorption.

They have combined PQQ and CoQ10 with shilajit, a natural, plant-derived substance from the Himalayan mountains, that enhances the absorption of CoQ10 and PQQ. This makes an ideal combination – and the doses are perfect.

Besides the powerful support it provides for a healthy heart and brain, taking CoQ10 and PQQ with Shilajit close to bedtime can also help you have a restful night’s sleep. Take it with food that contains fat for optimal absorption.

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Best supplement for cellular energy

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