Most Effective Candida Cleanse

How to Heal Yeast Infection Naturallyget rid fungus body

A yeast imbalance can affect both men and women and can cause many ailments if left untreated. If you
are experiencing the unpleasant effects of a yeast infection or fungal overgrowth, wouldn’t you want the most effective candida cleanse that brings lasting relief?

People can suffer from yeast or fungus-related problems for years without knowing the cause.

Natural Treatment for Yeast Infection

Nail Fungus Treatments that Work

While your candida cleanse is underway, a few lifestyle adjustments could help things along:

  • Avoid consuming foods and drinks that have a high sugar content;
  • Avoid foods that contain yeast (e.g. bread, fermented foods, beer);
  • Exercise regularly and avoid stress;
  • Perform a total, full-body cleanse;
  • Promote healthy intestinal flora by taking a probiotic supplement;
  • Other harmful-organism-cleanse products such as Paratrex or organic oregano oil can be taken along with Mycozil for a full-spectrum defense treatment.

Best Candida Cleanse Product…get rid fungus skin

Global Healing Center have an all-natural, herbal formula called Mycozil that has been specially designed to help your body to naturally cleanse itself of fungal organisms and yeast. The ingredients in Mycozil are wild-crafted and organically certified for maximum effectiveness.

Key benefits of Mycozil:

  • It promotes your body’s natural defenses against yeast and fungal imbalance;
  • The potent herbal ingredients and enzymes help detoxify and eliminate aggressive yeast and fungus;
  • Mycozil protects your body’s beneficial organisms that help with digestion and other bodily tasks;
  • Mycozil can work in conjunction with a colon cleanse and other body-cleansing procedures;
  • Mycozil enjoys the highest quality control at all levels of production, so you are assured of the most effective candida cleanse.

Mycozil Reviews: Average rating: 4.7 out of 5get rid body fungus

“This is is very powerful anti-candida protocol that does a good job of combating and eliminating systemic candida, even in long-term stubborn cases. If you have become discouraged because you have tried many products for this condition and they were low on performance, then this is the product for you. Although it is a very powerful and effective product it does not knock you out with cleaning reactions as a lot of the other anti -candida formulas do.” – Brooklyn Dodger

“My husband and I have been using Mycozil for about four months. He has toenail fungus that has improved so much his toes are almost normal now… The yeast I had on the back of my neck has disappeared. We take three capsules morning and night. Never felt better since we have been taking this. So grateful for healing with Mycozil!” – M-M Lee

“I have used it for 3 months – 6 capsules a day, so far. I’m going to keep doing this because my toenail fungus is vanishing as well as my systemic candida. It’s the best product on the market.” – John

Where to Buy Mycozil


About the Best Detox Foot Pads

In order to maintain good health it is essential to undergo a regular detoxification program to rid your body of the numerous toxins, chemicals and toxic metals you are exposed to every day. When looking for information about the best detox foot pads I was surprised to discover a brand that even includes two gemstone ingredients!

What are the Best Detox Foot Pads?

where buy detox foot pads

Global Healing Center’s detox foot pads are able to draw toxic material out of the body by stimulating the reflex points on the bottoms of your feet. Apply one pad to the sole of each foot before you go to bed and the ingredients will work together to draw out chemicals, toxins and toxic metals from your body while you sleep. Ten patches will cover a 5-day cleanse.

detox foot pads where buy

These foot pads from Global Healing Center are the first made with 100% natural, organic ingredients. The tourmaline and amethyst emit negative ions that help to relieve stress, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system and promote a stabilizing effect on the nervous system.

Detox Foot Pads Testimonials – What Users Say…

“My feet and legs feel lighter the next day after using the foot pads. It’s also nice to see the gunk that comes out so you know it’s working. These are the highest-quality foot pads I’ve tried and I keep coming back for more- I can really feel the difference! – Robin

“These things definitely work. Each morning that I woke up after putting these on the pads looked like they were filled with mud so they are definitely pulling a whole lot out (it’s kind of scary how much toxic garbage floats around in the body). I already feel better, sleep better and have far more energy. I am going to go for the full toxic metal cleanse kit as 5 days definitely isn’t enough to get it all out.” – Darth Mortis

Discover what people are saying about the best detox foot pads

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You have seen what people think about the best detox foot pads. You can enjoy an even more thorough detox experience by purchasing the full Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit. Here’s what you’ll be getting in this kit:

  • 2 bottles Zeotrex – organic toxic chemical and toxic metal cleanser
  • 6 detox foot pads
  • “The Green Body Cleanse” (PDF) by Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center – charts, tips, recipes and more about living a green and healthy lifestyle.

about the best detox foot pads
where buy detox foot pads

A chemical and toxic metal cleanse is important for ridding your body of harmful chemicals and toxic metals. These substances accumulate in the body and can cause deadly chain reactions. Using a combination of detoxifying herbs and organic detox foot pads can allow your body to eliminate this harmful build-up. The Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit can make you feel great!

Organic Blue-Green Algae – Benefits and Where to Buy

“One gram of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables.”

Global Healing Center have a wild-grown, organic blue-green algae that is harvested from Oregon’s Upper Klamath Lake at the peak of its nutritional growth cycle. It’s a complete, raw food that is loaded with nutrients which can benefit all your body’s systems.

wild blue green algae

Key Benefits of Wild Blue-Green Algae

  • Exceptional nutritional value – E3Live Blue-Green Algae provides a complete range of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll and more;
  • Supports a healthy brain – E3Live helps support mental alertness, concentration and a feeling of well-being;
  • Boosts the immune system – helps with the removal of unhealthy cells;
  • Cleanses and detoxifies – its exceptionally high chlorophyll content acts as a natural cleanser and detoxifier;
  • Protects against radiation – This supplement offers powerful protection against radiation because of its high chlorophyll content, powerful regenerative energy and inflexible cellular structure.

organic blue green algae
Read more on the benefits of blue-green algae.

The organic blue-green algae from Upper Klamath Lake, called Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA), is considered buy blue green algaeone of nature’s most potent superfoods. It is packed in bottles and shipped frozen to ensure that your AFA arrives fresh!

When you take the regular dose of 2 tablespoons per day, a bottle of E3Live should last about 24 days. It has a mild, seaweed taste when taken on its own but you can add it to your smoothies or favorite raw juice: grapefruit, orange, tomato etc.

Klamath Blue-Green Algae Reviews from Users

“Since I started with E3Live Algae, I’ve noticed a big difference. My recovery time is so much quicker than before and I have a lot more energy.” – Grant Hackett, 2000 Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

I am an R.N., Medical Intuitive, and am very selective about what I take for myself as well as recommend to clients. This is a superb product that is clean, carefully packaged and shipped frozen.” – Marian, R.N.

“I have tried many things to increase my energy level over the years, but nothing has worked as well as taking E3Live in the morning. I am so happy I discovered it!” – DS

where buy blue green algae

How to Lung Cleanse – Whether You Smoke or Not

The question of how to lung cleanse is something we would all benefit from doing, whether we smoke or not. You don’t have to be a smoker to have polluted lungs!

AllerTrex Lung Cleanseclear lung supplement
Pollution is everywhere; we breathe in toxic gases and other pollutants from motor vehicles, factories, chemical products and, yes, even the carpets in our homes – think of dust mites and their droppings!

Herbs to clean your lungs

how to lung cleanse for smokers Plants such as peppermint, lungwort, eucalyptus and osha root have been used for centuries by people of different cultures to treat respiratory conditions.

There’s no need for you to try to search out separately each of these and other herbs that clean lungs – twelve of them have been incorporated into a single lung cleanse supplement called AllerTrex, which you can easily order online.

How to do a Lung Detox

Did you know that you can do a lung detox using castor oil? People have been using castor oil packs for a long time for drawing toxins out of the lungs, uterus, liver and digestive system.

However, you must use organic, cold-pressed castor oil to make the pack; chemically-extracted oil will have lost some of its vital compounds and will not be as effective. (See how to make a castor oil pack.)

how to lung cleanse  Orange peel can also assist the lungs in cleansing themselves because of its histamine-reducing action. It’s not only the fruit itself that is rich in vitamin C, the rind is also, as well as having good amounts of vitamin A, pectin, enzymes and fiber. They help to break down and eliminate congestion.

Because the thick consistency of orange peel makes it prone to the accumulation of toxins such as pesticides and herbicides, always select organically-grown oranges.

You can add chopped-up orange peel to smoothies, recipes or home-made fruit-and-nut bars. The grated rind can be sprinkled over desserts or added to your favorite yougurt.

Best Supplement for Lung Health

How to lung Cleanse with AllerTrex

AllerTrex comes in a spray bottle. You can lung cleanse by spraying it into the mouth as follows:

  • For adults: 6 sprays, 3 times daily.clear lung supplement
  • 6 – 12 years: 4 sprays, 3 times daily.
  • 3 – 6 years: 2 sprays 3 times a day.

Method: Spray into the mouth, inhale deeply 3 times, then swallow the remaining liquid.

AllerTrex Lung Cleansehow to lung cleanse

AllerTrex Reviews:

Lou: “Best product ever for my lungs! I am on my third bottle and plan to always keep it on hand.”

Warbaby: I will be trying this product again. This really helped me. Good-tasting and worked right away.”

Bill: “It works for me. I was apprehensive at first but impressed at how well it made breathing easier while eliminating the burning sensation in my lungs. I love this product!”

Where to Buy AllerTrex

You can order AllerTrex online from Global Healing Center - Free shipping if you live in the USA.

AllerTrex™ is the only natural respiratory support product on the market which uses a Spagyrex®-processed blend of powerful herbs and essential oils that support normal function and cleansing of the lungs, sinuses and respiratory tract.



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allertrex where buy

allertrex where buy

(Peppermint image by Franz Eugen Kohler)

How to Kidney Cleanse: Flush Your Kidneys Naturally

Why do a Kidney Cleanse?

Many people around the world suffer from kidney-related health problems. Kidney stones are the most common reason for people needing a visit to the emergency room. Knowing how to kidney cleanse could help you avoid such a situation.

“This too shall pass… just like a kidney stone” – Hunter Madsen

kidney cleanse home The kidneys filter the blood and help remove impurities from the body. If they are not functioning properly, waste matter cannot be expelled and toxins can accumulate.

A kidney cleanse can help flush out excess uric acid and toxins from the blood and help soften and evacuate kidney stones. If you’re aiming for a full-body cleanse, you cannot exclude a kidney flush.

Flush Your Kidneys Naturally

To cleanse the kidneys properly you should use an all-natural kidney cleanse kit. A good kidney cleanse kit would comprise elements that help flush impurities from the kidneys, detoxify the intestines and encourage healthy intestinal flora. Making your body clean on the inside is one of the best ways to boost your energy levels and make you feel better.

How to Kidney Cleanse Home Remedy – the products

Dr. Group’s Kidney Cleanse Kit consists of 3 organic products:

  • 1 bottle Renaltrex – helps to detoxify and promote healthy kidney function;
  • 1 bottle Oxy-Powder (60 capsules) – to melt away compaction, promote colon health and keep you regular;
  • 1 bottle Latero-Flora to promote intestinal health, support digestion and encourage a healthy immune system;
  • You’ll also get a PDF copy of Dr. Edward Group’s controversial book, “The Green Body Cleanse”.

kidney cleanse home remedy

Let the cleanse begin!natural kidney cleanse recipe

Natural Kidney Cleanse Recipe

Besides the 3 Kidney Cleanse Kit supplements, you’ll need the following items:

  • 2 gallons distilled water (to prepare your Renaltrex drink and your lemon/ACV drink);
  • 1 bottle (8 ounces) organic, raw apple cider vinegar (ACV -you can add this on when you order the Kidney Cleanse Kit);
  • Organic, kidney-cleansing fruit for breakfast, such as grapes, apples, oranges, watermelon, papaya, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries;
  • Raw nuts or seeds such as Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds or sunflower seeds for snacks;
  • 3 organic avocados or 8 oz. organic walnuts to snack on (whichever you prefer).

The kidney cleanse is performed over a 4-day period. The daily protocol on how to kidney cleanse is described in detail here.

Kidney Cleanse Side Effects

While you are progressing through the kidney cleanse you may feel sluggish, tired or irritable – this is known as a healing crisis. You may notice a uric acid smell in your urine or armpits but this is temporary and will pass. Keep yourself as comfortable as you can by resting and taking warm baths to help release toxins, and drink purified water.

Verified User Reviews:

“I completed 2 liver cleanses… The kidney cleanse that I just completed was a little different in that you don’t see stones; however, you can feel slight pain in the kidney area and see cloudiness in your urine so you know it is working to flush the organs. Love the products and will continue to use them!”

“I just like feeling better each day. I don’t have the bloated feeling now that I used to have. Easy to use.”

“Have been using Global products to help with detoxing and restoring my health. Very pleased with all the products I have purchased so far. Also, I would like to add that all my orders get here very quickly. My one-time customer service experience (about product availability) was the best one I can recall having in years.”

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