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The whole cannabis plant is wilted, and you see pests.The whole cannabis plant is wilted, and you see pests.

SYMPTOMSThe whole plant wilts. Leaves and buds dry up and are webbed together with silvery webs (usually during flowering). Tiny bugs cluster at flowering tips. DIAGNOSISmites: two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus

The whole plant has weird growthThe whole plant has weird growth

These are probably strange growths that you usually see on the whole weed plant. Although they cause damage to the body and are very harmful, there are still some benefits

Leaves cannabis have tiny speckles or stipplesLeaves cannabis have tiny speckles or stipples

SYMPTOMSGray-white to yellow pinpricks (stipples) appear on both sides of the leaves. Many stipples form in lines parallel to leaf veins. Look for delicate webs on leaves. DIAGNOSISmites: two-spotted spider

Leaves cannabis have ¼-inch (6 mm) or larger round spots or blotchesLeaves cannabis have ¼-inch (6 mm) or larger round spots or blotches

SYMPTOMSLower leaves develop small, ¼-to ½-inch (6 to 13 mm) pale ocher or light brown spots. Tiny, black fungal fruiting bodies appear inside spots. Spots grow larger and may have

Leaves cannabis have angular spotsLeaves cannabis have angular spots

SYMPTOMSLeaves develop small, angular, light brown spots. The spots are angular because their growth is limited by leaf veins. Spots may enlarge to nearly ½ inch (13 mm) in diameter

Leaves cannabis have holesLeaves cannabis have holes

SYMPTOMSYou find large, irregularly shaped holes in leaves. The main veins remain intact. Leaves may be partly skeletonized (soft tissue eaten away, leaving veins). Leaves may be rolled into a

The leaves of cannabis are distortedThe leaves of cannabis are distorted

The leaves of cannabis are distorted This may be caused by the following factors; a high-temperature environment, excessive light, or a lack of nutrition. To avoid these problems and achieve

Leaves of cannabis have bumpsLeaves of cannabis have bumps

Do the leaves of cannabis have bumps? Hemp is the botanical name for cannabis and the term hemp refers to the physical characteristics of the cannabis plant. Cannabis leaves are

The beginning of cannabis cultivationThe beginning of cannabis cultivation

Poor growing conditions for growing marijuana can significantly diminish the quality of your harvest. Suppose you control the growing environment and can adequately maintain a proper balance of oxygen, carbon

You see large pests on leaves?You see large pests on leaves?

Have you seen signs of pests on your cannabis leaves? Here’s what to do. The cannabis plant is susceptible to pests, leaf damage, and disease. While some pests can be