Coolest Mattress on the Market for Hot Sleepers

Coolest mattress on the market

Coolest Mattress on the Market for Hot Sleepers

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll be looking for the coolest mattress on the market. One of the best things you can do for your health is to make sure you get sufficient, good-quality sleep every night. Sleep helps to balance your hormones, control stress and, of course, allows your body to reset after a long day.

The first step towards getting a comfortable night’s sleep is: choosing the best mattress for cool sleeping. What could be the coolest mattress to sleep on? One candidate for the best cooling mattress is the Kutson mattress.

Coolest mattress to sleep on

The Kutson Mattress – Materials and Construction

Kutson manufacture their mattresses in Southern California. Each Kutson mattress is composed of 6 different foam layers. Now, you might be concerned about toxic substances that are sometimes present in foam products. However, the foam that Kutson use to manufacture their mattresses does not contain phthalates, mercury, lead or other heavy metals. Nor does it contain chloroflurocarbons (CFCs), ozone depleters or toxic flame retardants.

The materials used are thoroughly tested for content, durability, performance and emissions by accredited testing laboratories. The manufacturers promise an honest, high-quality product at a fair price.

See the Kutson mattress in action in this video:

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Kutson Mattress Compatibility with Existing Foundation

You can set up your Kutson mattress on any firm, strong, flat surface. If you have an existing foundation, you can use it to support the mattress, as long as it is not bowed or damaged. It’s not recommended to use another mattress as a foundation.

The Kutson mattresses are built to last – and are guaranteed for ten years.

How Does the Kutson Mattress Keep You Cool?

The uppermost of the 6 layers is made of temperature-regulating, gel-infused foam that keeps you cool. It’s engineered to counteract heat fluctuations and dissipate body heat and moisture so you maintain optimal body temperatures all night long.

The strong base is made of resilient, high-density foam that’s guaranteed to last for years. Each mattress comes with soft, medium and firm layers. You can re-arrange the different layers to provide the comfort level that’s best for you.

When Your Sleeping Partner Needs a Different Comfort Level

This is not a problem. You can customize each of the two sides of the bed independently, so you and your partner can each enjoy restful sleep. In the improbable event that you can’t get a perfect combination with the layers provided, the Company will send another layer at no charge to you.

Why You Save With a Kutson Mattress

Why is the price so much lower than mattresses in retail stores? The Kutson mattress is designed, manufactured and sold by the Company in California and they deliver directly to the purchaser. There are no “brick and mortar” expenses and no salespeople to pay. All those savings are passed on to you, the customer. Isn’t it time to enjoy the coolest mattress on the market?

Best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

Coolest Mattress on the Market
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