Digestive Enzyme Supplements: Why You Should Be Taking One

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Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Why Should You Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements?

To maintain a healthy body, proper nutrition is essential. People often assume that they should simply allow digestion to take place automatically. Most do not consider taking digestive enzyme supplements. When they develop a nutritional disorder they expect their health-care provider to provide a solution. Unfortunately, many family physicians neglect the importance of enzymes in the digestive process.

All living plant and animal cells contain enzymes. Without them, life cannot exist. Enzymes are essential for every chemical process in the body. Enzymes are the only substance that can break down food into particles that are small enough to pass through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream.

Types of Enzymes

Enzymes can be classified into 3 basic types:

Food Enzymes

These are enzymes that are naturally present in raw food. When you consume raw foods, they begin the process of digestion before your body takes over.

Digestive Enzymes

Your body produces digestive enzymes to break down the food you eat into particles that are small enough to permeate the gut wall.

Metabolic Enzymes

Your body produces metabolic enzymes – these are essential for optimal health. Every organ, tissue and cell in your body depends on them for proper functioning. They perform various complex chemical reactions in the body.

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The Difference Between Plant Enzymes and Enzymes Produced In the Body

When you consume raw food, its enzymes start digesting it in your stomach before your body’s digestive system starts working. This is why you should consider enzymes to be essential nutrients. Sadly, food producers often remove them to prolong shelf life. The pasteurization process also destroys the enzymes in foods.

Many people find that they have a problem with digestion after consuming certain foods. This is often because enzymes are lacking.

You can easily solve the problem of missing enzymes by taking a well-formulated digestive enzyme supplement.

What Makes a Good Digestive Enzyme Supplement?

What to look out for:

Most digestive enzyme supplements are too weak to be effective because they don’t contain enough protease. These are enzymes that digest proteins. The reason is simple: protease is costly to produce.

Another factor to watch out for is that many enzyme formulas are animal-based. Enzymes work at different pH levels all through your intestinal tract.

The main reason why animal-based digestive enzyme supplements are not effective is that they only function in an environment of higher alkalinity. Once they reach your stomach (an acidic environment), they become ineffective.

If you have digestion issues, you’ll want to choose a plant-based enzyme supplement.

MassZymes Digestive Enzyme Supplement

MassZymes is a plant-based digestive enzyme formula that contains 5 different kinds of protease. Protease is important because it is able to digest proteins, thereby helping to prevent excessive bloating and gas.

The Ingredients in MassZymes

Wade Lightheart, developer of MassZymes

What You Can Expect From MassZymes

  • Better assimilation of proteins;
  • Better utilization of the protein you consume;
  • A cleaner colon and relief from constipation, excess gas and acid reflux;
  • More rapid recovery from strenuous workouts

It is possible to eat impeccably for the rest of your life but that will take a huge commitment. You would have to eat raw or fermented food most of the time.


MassZymes can improve your digestive health. You can have reduced bloating and relief from abdominal cramps and gas within a few days. Thanks to their generous Guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

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