Essential Oils Certification Training: Online Courses

Do you have a passion for essential oils? Imagine how it would feel to have the expertise and confidence to teach others all there is to know about these amazing natural substances! Renowned Natural Health practitioner, Dr. Josh Axe, can help you get the credibility, confidence and essential oils certification training so that you can share your knowledge with the world.

Essential Oils Certification Training

Dr. Axe Essential Oils Certification Training

How to Learn About Essential Oils Step-by-Step

There is an overwhelming amount of information available on the subject of essential oils, whichHow to study essential oils can be quite confusing to many.  An ancient proverb says: “Better than a thousand days of diligent study, is one day with a great teacher”. Of course, even the most intellectually-gifted person cannot discover all there is to know about essential oils in one day!

Yet, there’s no need to be concerned about how you’re going to absorb all the information. Just take your time as you access the course online, pay attention and the learning can take care of itself.

Dr. Axe has laid out every step of the course to enable you not only to get your Certification but also teach you how to start an essential oil business of your own. It’s designed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

How to learn about essential oils

Introducing The Essential Oils Institute

The essential oils certification training from The Essential Oils Institute has been described as the foremost essential oils certification program in the world. Its comprehensive curriculum covers essential oil use in pregnancy, breastfeeding, natural healing, internal use, therapeutic blends, organic farming and much more. You’ll also receive training on how to start an essential oil business.

This program has been accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. They are one of the world’s most prestigious certifying bodies in plant-based medicine, nutrition and lifestyle.

What you’ll discover inside the Essential Oil InstituteEssential Oil Certification online

  • Advanced Essential Oil Profiles
  • The Ultimate Essential Oil Reference Manual
  • 200+ Essential Oil Recipes for Common Health Challenges
  • How to Do a Wellness Consultation
  • Full-color DIY Guides and Step-by-Step Essential Oil Recipes
  • Advanced Essential Oil Business-Building Tips
  • How to Be a “Level 5 Leader” In Your Organization
  • Social Media Secrets for Success
  • …and much, much more

There are 3 levels of essential oils certification training membership.  Depending on your chosen level and to what degree you apply the training, you could be walking away with a Certification after 3 months.

All previous EOI students initially had doubts about their skills, knowledge or business abilities. With practice and expert mentorship, they were able to overcome their fears and doubts and become leaders in the field of natural health and wellness.

Essential Oil Institute Testimonials

Sherri V. – “I learned so much… As a mother, I didn’t feel like I jumped into the world of essential oils blindfolded. I had expert help. Dr. Axe will do everything in his power to help you become an expert…”

Julia N. – “I turned a passion and hobby into a 6-figure business. Now I can work from wherever, whenever, and I have the time and financial freedom that I was seeking.”

Brooke V. – “Investing in this essential oil training has completely changed my life. Now I work with essential oils full-time and do what I love every day.”

Brief Overview of the CurriculumEssential Oils training

  • Modules 1 – 4: Foundational Training
  • 5th Module: Essential Oil Chemistry Demystified
  • 6th Module: The Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • 7th Module: How to use EOs for Reflexology and massage therapy
  • 8th Module: How to use the Anointing Techniques from the Bible
  • 9th Module: How to use EOs with Pregnancy and with Children
  • 10th Module: How to use EOs safely in the Home and with Pets
  • 11th Module: How to use EOs on the Skin and Body
  • 12th Module: How to Blend EOs and use Carrier Oils

Each of these modules comprises several chapters of in-depth Essential Oils Certification training. You can see a more detailed module break-down on this page.

3 Bonus Modules

  • 1st Bonus: 4 x  Q&A Group Coaching Calls With Dr. Axe
  • 2nd Bonus: Lifetime membership of the ESI Private Facebook Community
  • 3rd Bonus: Interviews with EO experts

Essential Oil Certification Online

Choice of 3 Levels of Membership

  1. Starter Certification
  2. Standard Certification + Advanced Business Training (most popular)
  3. Master Certification + Advanced Business Training + Elite Coaching

Dr. Axe has built a multi-million-dollar essential oils business. He teaches the exact steps he took to build his highly-successful business. Additionally, you are protected by his 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Essential oils Certification

Is this Essential Oils Certification Training Course for you?

If you’re only looking to gather essential oils information, this course is not for you. It’s designed for you to take action to get yourself certified. The course has been extensively tested and is known to work.

Choose Your Level of Membership

You’ve seen that there are 3 membership levels to choose from: Starter, Standard and Master. For full details of what’s included in each, as well as the fees for each option, see this page.

Essential Oil Certification Courses

Essential Oils Certification Training

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