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get rid of gout for good

To people who are suffering from gout, it can be the most painful thing in the world. It can also be the most persistent. But why? How can one get rid of gout for good and never fear severe gout pain again?

Doctors generally focus on relieving the symptoms of gout, rather than removing the cause. This is in spite of the fact that research during the past 20 years has revealed what really causes gout. Some health-care providers have even been getting almost 100% success rates – in just weeks.

What Is the Main Cause of Gout?

Gout results from an excess of uric acid in the blood. The liver releases uric acid as a waste product of the processing of certain foods. The blood then transports the uric acid to the kidneys, where it is filtered out before being expelled from the body in the urine.

When your body does not expel all its uric acid, the excess forms tiny, spiky crystals. Via your bloodstream, they find their way into your joints. Every now and then, your immune system attacks them, causing inflammation. When that happens, you can experience what you might call a “gout attack”.

As you probably know, a gout attack can be excruciatingly painful.

Why Is Your Gout Pain Not Going Away?

You can employ any of the “regular” gout treatments, such as anti-inflammatory meds and steroid injections. Yet, you’re not likely to get rid of gout for good. The underlying cause will still be there, creating all kinds of problems for you to deal with.

If gout is left untreated, it could lead to permanent joint damage, kidney stones or kidney disease. Gout is also a risk factor for other serious diseases.

If too much uric acid leads to gout, why would you suddenly have an excess of uric acid in your blood? There could only be two possible reasons for that to happen:

(a) Your body has suddenly started to produce too much uric acid or:
(b) Your body is no longer removing it efficiently.

For the vast majority of gout sufferers, it’s the under-processing of uric acid that is the problem, not the over-production of it. This means that something has gone wrong with your body’s ability to eliminate uric acid effectively. You get gout because something is not working as it should.

It is that “something is not working correctly” that most doctors fail to address.

Once you find out what it is that stops working – and then starts working once more – you will know how to get rid of gout for good.

The Importance of Following a “Gout Diet”

No matter if you’re sick or healthy, eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of fresh plant foods would generally be the way to go. If you have gout, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to eat correctly. However, there’s a way you can eat specifically for getting rid of gout.

There’s a diet you can follow that specifically tackles gout head-on and removes the source of gout.

Herbs and Mushrooms That Support Gut Health: Click Here

Gout and Your Gut

What is the connection between gout and your gut? We have trillions of bacteria in our gut (called the gut microbiome), most of which are beneficial. They are responsible for a number of vital body processes that help to keep us alive and well. When your gut health goes out of balance, you become vulnerable to a host of degenerative disorders.

If you don’t ensure that you encourage healthy gut bacteria to flourish, while simultaneously discouraging the proliferation of harmful gut bacteria, there will be consequences. Gout is one of the consequences of an unhealthy gut environment.

The Key to a Healthy Gut – and a Gout-Free Body

If you want to stamp out gout once and for all, you have to be clear about what can help you and what will hurt you. When it comes to gout, what you eat can make you or break you. Making rational choices about what you eat for the health of your gut will enable you to tackle gout head-on.

Maintaining a healthy gut environment can change your life forever. Heal your gut and you heal your body. That’s how powerful your gut microbiome is!

Can Gout Be Cured Permanently?

“The End of Gout” Program

The End of Gout” is a comprehensive gout-relief program put together by naturopath, Shelly Manning. Adjusting your diet as outlined in the Program can reverse years of gout-causing errors in your eating habits. This is the first step in The End of Gout program.

This is not a weight-loss diet. You will never be hungry following the Program. By following The End of Gout protocol you can actually eat yourself back to health.

The science behind The End of Gout program is solid and accepted around the world. You can say good-bye to pain, flare-ups and painful days spent in bed by following the gout treatment guidelines set out in The End of Gout program. It’s just a download away…

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