Beat Health Conditions from Long-Term Unemployment Naturally

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Health conditions from long term unemployment

Beating Health Conditions from Long-Term Unemployment Naturally

According to The Balance, there were 1.373 million long-term unemployed Americans as of October 2018. Sadly, when you’ve been jobless for at least 27 weeks, you’re more likely to develop medical conditions, such as mental health concerns and heart disease as a result of your situation. But the good news is that you can improve your brain function and your health with effective natural remedies.

Eat Correctly to Combat Depression

Pew Research Center reveals that 24% of individuals who are long-term unemployed seek treatment for depression. Thankfully, eating correctly can combat feelings of depression and enhance your mood.

An iodine deficiency is a leading cause of depression as it prevents the thyroid from working correctly which can lead to poor concentration and feeling low. Therefore, it’s wise to take an iodine supplement. You should also consider consuming the herb ginseng as it is capable of improving mental clarity and stress levels. Additionally, drinking green tea regularly and eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as wild salmon, too.

Treat Anxiety Disorders with Supplements and by Writing 

Limm et al’s study found that 47% of individuals who were classified as long-term unemployed showed signs of an anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, a further study revealed that 35% had positive results for social anxiety.

Research has shown that an iron deficiency can cause anxiety and other mental health disorders. Therefore, consider taking an iron supplement to boost your body’s iron levels.

Other research has found that writing about the way you feel about your situation can ease anxiety. You could even use your writing skills to highlight your job skills by creating a brand new resume. Resumes are the key to securing a job interview and you should ensure that yours is up to date at all times.

Avoid Heart Disease by Taking Vitamins

Around 46% of the long-term unemployed admit that their family relations become strained, while 43% say that they lose close friendships. This can lead to isolation and loneliness at a time when they are most needed. As a result, health conditions – including heart disease and strokes – are more likely to occur.

Studies have shown that taking vitamins C and E can reduce the likelihood of heart disease, while vitamin E can lower the chance of a heart attack when taken on its own, according to Mayo Clinic. Therefore, on the advisory of your doctor, take a vitamin supplement to keep your heart in optimum health.

For the hundreds and thousands of long-term unemployed Americans, the likelihood of developing medical conditions is high. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for signs of depression, anxiety and the diseases associated with loneliness. Ensure that you seek out natural remedies to combat these health concerns.

Health Conditions from Long-Term Unemployment