Benefits of coffee and Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

miracle herb for blood pressure
herbs to lower blood pressure

Do you know that you can use certain herbs to lower blood pressure? Hypertension is becoming a menace for the growing population nowadays. Latest statistics released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states the alarming fact of around 1000 deaths per day due to chronic hypertension.

Recommended treatments to eradicate the disease are conventional medication and alteration in your daily routine, which is highly dependent on your diet.

Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Sadly, the side effects of the typical medications have wreaked havoc in the lives of the patients. They are not able to concentrate on their everyday life because of frayed nerves and dizziness. That is why more people are directing their attention toward herbs and natural supplements.

These can be useful in normalizing blood pressure, although scientific evidence in the field is unprecedented and inconsistent for them to be prescribed frequently. It depends on the person’s physiology. For some people it does wonders and makes them feel more energized. However, for others, using these herbs and organic coffee has no effect on them.

Discover how to improve your blood pressure with herbs and mushrooms

A couple of studies have some positive outcomes to lower blood pressure, due to people’s use of some herbs and coffee in their day-to-day activities. This article will discuss how some of the critical herbs and coffee used in your diet can be beneficial for your blood pressure problem.

Wonders of Basil for Blood Pressure

herbs for blood pressure

Basil is a herb used in a wide array of dishes. As one of the notable herbs to lower blood pressure, it plays a vital role in blood pressure support.

A study conducted on mice showed a significant reduction in blood pressure by using basil.

Basil is home to a substance called eugenol which is found to dislodge elements that might constrict our blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure. However, more evidence and studies need to be conducted to examine the uses of basil as a medicine.

A small addition of basil to your diet will make the meals on your table more enchanting. You will just require a small pot to grow basil in your kitchen; it gives unmatched flavor to your pizza, pasta and soups.

Reducing Blood Pressure with Cinnamon

We’ve seen from recent studies that cinnamon is able to reduce blood pressure for a short period of time. The researchers said that the herb diminished the systolic blood pressure to 5 mm Hg and diastolic to 3 mm Hg, which is much better progress compared to any other conventional medicine. Cinnamon can be used in desserts, fruit salads and oatmeal as a substitute for sugar. It can be purchased in raw or powdered form.

Anti-Carcinogenic Effects of Ginger

Ginger is used to accelerate blood circulation and give a calming effect to your muscles with increased blood flow. It is often used in Asian Foods and has benefits of anti-carcinogen medicines. Ginger is a multi-purpose addition to our food, desserts and beverages. The Japanese use ginger in soups, noodles, mixed vegetables and mincemeat. Ginger tea is a great source of mental relaxation.

Hawthorn: Ancient Chinese Herbal Remedy

Hawthorn extract is frequently used in Chinese herbal medicine. It is said to have a substantial impact on a person’s blood pressure. An experiment conducted on rodents with the hawthorn extract exhibited a balance in heart health, reduction of blood pressure and lowering of cholesterol. Hawthorn is also responsible for acclimatization of the arteries of your body. It can be used in liquid or pill form.

Garlic as an Anti-Clotting Agent for Blood Vessels

garlic for blood pressureThe strong smell and taste of garlic might leave your breath stinky but garlic is like a blessing from Mother Nature. It increases nitric oxide in the body, which dilates and calms the blood vessels. The free flow of blood is responsible for stable blood pressure.

Garlic can be used, for example, with roast chicken or red meat. You can grind and make garlic paste to add it to your daily recipes. If you cannot stand the taste and odor of garlic, you can always opt for a garlic supplement.

Effects of Coffee On Your Blood Pressure

Coffee is like a tonic for our bodies these days. Almost everyone consumes it to relax their mind or to focus on a stressful day at work. The research on coffee and blood pressure is a little ambiguous with respect to its benefits.

Studies have largely shown that coffee doesn’t change the blood pressure of a regular consumer. On the other hand, if someone is not a coffee lover and doesn’t use two to three cups of coffee a day then their blood pressure might be raised, to some extent. It is a better option to opt for decaf or organic coffee which has a healthier outcome on the body.


Most people are not aware of negative symptoms attached to high blood pressure and end up on a death bed because of this lack of understanding. Raised blood pressure can be reduced with a couple of herbal remedies. However, always consult your health-care provider if you are unsure.

The latest study shows that an alteration in your anxiety levels and eating a healthy diet can take you a long way to fight the disease.

Coffee and blood pressure is an equation which does not add up. They don’t have any negative consequences for a person’s body. You can drink coffee as long as you enjoy it. Remember, excess of everything is bad so whatever you consume in your diet should be in moderation.

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herbs to lower blood pressure

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