How to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

what is the cause erectile dysfunctionLoss of virility can make a man’s life miserable. For men wanting to know how to eliminate erectile dysfunction (ED), there is light at the end of that gloomy tunnel. Discovering the underlying cause of a problem means the first step should be reversing the conditions that caused it.

Numerous studies done at some of the world’s leading universities reveal that inflammation is the hidden culprit behind ED.

What is the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Research done at Oxford University shows that inflammation is squeezing closed your corpora cavernosa so it can’t relax and let blood flow in, and thus makes it impossible for you to get an erection.

If you’re thinking about trying out some well-known ED drugs, they might give you some temporary relief but, ironically, they also can make your erectile dysfunction worse. It’s like drinking alcohol to fix a hangover – You feel better for a while but at the same time you’re becoming more deeply entrenched in your problem.

how to eliminate erectile dysfunction

There are 2 types of inflammation:

  • Acute inflammation is a natural response of your body’s immune system to heal an injury; remember how your skin becomes red when you graze your knee?
  • However, sometimes cells in your body become confused and get inflamed when there is no injury to heal. This is called chronic inflammation and can cause a variety of problems.

It is now known that chronic inflammation is the real cause behind asthma, arthritis, IBS, Crohn’s disease and many other diseases and now also… erectile dysfunction!

We’ve seen that when your cells become inflamed they squeeze off the blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa of your penis, thereby dashing all your hopes of ever getting an erection. It doesn’t matter how aroused you are; your erectile tissue won’t become engorged with blood and you won’t get an erection.

Fortunately, we already have natural solutions for inflammation. But which of the many cures for inflammation home cures erectile dysfunctionwill work to soothe the inflamed cells of your corpora cavernosa so that they can become engorged with blood and let you get an erection on demand?

There are several foods that reduce inflammation in the body.

After exhaustive research, ex-ED-sufferer Michael Steele short-listed 12 foods that fight inflammation in the body. He has elaborated on that list and formulated a complete program of how to eliminate erectile dysfunction permanently.

Because Michael finally managed to conquer his ED problem, he has aptly named his program “The ED Conqueror“. Let’s see what’s inside the 3 modules:

Module 1 – This is an overview of the program. He explains what is the cause of erectile dysfunction, and the science that proves it so. You will see how dangerous the drugs are that the pharmaceutical companies are wanting you to buy. You’ll discover that you can eliminate ED just by eating a few simple foods.

Module 2 – Here you’ll learn the secrets of how to master your arousal and have the confidence of a porn star! You’ll discover:

  • best natural cure erectile dysfunctionThe 12 foods that reduce inflammation – These will help you regain your sexual mastery;
  • Great sandwich recipes to include those foods in your diet in the most appetizing way possible;
  • The 13 worst inflammation-causing foods to avoid at all costs if you want to reverse your ED;
  • Natural supplements that positively reduce inflammation (and which ones can make it worse – steer clear of those!);

Simple lifestyle adjustments that will help reduce your inflammation and reverse your ED even more speedily, such as:

  • A relaxing, low-impact, anti-inflammation workout that can help you achieve an erection promptly;
  • How cooking your food a certain way could be the secret sauce to getting your erections to stay firm without letting you down;
  • Did you know that stress triggers inflammation? This module includes some effective long-term strategies for reducing stress;
  • You’ll get step-by-step instructions in how to put the program into practice – you could see results within a day or two!

ED is a crushing problem that needs an uplifting solution!

Module 3 pulls out all the remaining stops. You’ll get a ton of techniques, strategies and tricks that will let you blast your ED to oblivion:

  • home cures erectile dysfunctionThere’s a one-minute exercise that will work on your pelvic muscles to enable a speedy erection;
  • Discover why watermelon is known as “natural Viagra“;
  • A simple sleep habit that practically guarantees that you’ll stay hard;
  • The 11 common medications that will hijack your ED recovery and leave you as limp as a cooked noodle;
  • And 7 more verified tricks that can help you attain stronger, more powerful erections, no matter how tired or stressed you feel.

All these techniques have been tested in university studies and are backed by medical research. Let The ED Conqueror show you how to eliminate erectile dysfunction the safe and natural way!
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