How to Balance Hormones for Women

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supplement to increase female sex drive

How to Increase Sex Drive for Women

For a woman it can be stressful to live with a lack of energy, reduced interest in sex and diminished libido. If you’re a woman growing older with your hormone production slowing down, you might feel that your energy, vitality, sex drive and overall wellness is diminishing. However, in thinking about how to increase sex drive for women, there are steps you can take to balance your hormone levels naturally.

Women usually experience menopause some time after they turn 50 but it can begin at a much younger age. Bad lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of exercise can contribute to a hormone imbalance. They can also exacerbate the symptoms of menopause.

how to increase female libido home remedies

Herbs that Balance Female Hormones

 These are the 10 best hormone-balancing herbs:

How to Balance Hormones for Women

how to balance female hormones naturally

Global Healing Center have gathered together these 10 herbs that balance female hormones. They have formulated a potent supplement to increase female sex drive and renew lost vitality called Female Fuzion.

Why should you take Female Fuzion?

The ingredients in Female Fuzion have a long history of traditional use for sustaining sexual health. They have been either wild-crafted or organically grown.

It’s an all-natural, drug-free herbal formula. It can normalize your energy levels and bring back your youthful vitality. Can you imagine how good it would feel when your hormones are in balance?

Summary of Benefits of Female Fuzion

  • It normalizes hormone levels in women;
  • Stimulates sex drive;
  • Promotes normal sexual response;
  • Rejuvenates energy levels;
  • Improves mental sharpness;
  • Improves confidence and well-being.

Female Fuzion User Reviews

“I use this product every morning on an empty stomach. I have struggled with hormone balance and have tried a lot of supplements over the years. For me, this formula is like liquid gold! I was amazed at how quickly I could feel the difference. I have more energy, balance and overall wellbeing. Thanks GHC!” – by Steph

“For me, Female Fuzion is my female hormone regulator like a carb in a car. You have your extra benefits too. I use the Iodine with it, this combination is dynamite! (It) has helped me lose 25 pounds; I was a size 16 now I am a size 8 with muscles. I exercise 2/3/4 times a week – the recovery is easier and I love it! Being a female is a beautiful thing!” – by stallion_371110

“Since using Female Fuzion my life has completely changed from a low-energy, depressed individual to a high-energy, happy-go-lucky person who feels upbeat and excited about life. The changes are phenomenal and I can honestly say that I do not know what I would do without this product! Thank you ever so much as you have given me a new lease on life.” – by Rita

This is how to increase sex drive for women and balance hormones safely and effectively!

how to increase female libido home remedies
How to increase sex drive for women

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  1. I am 47 and am currently taking 112 mg of synthroid and would like to add the female fusion along with the iodine. How do you suggest I combine the two products in terms of dosage

    1. Good day, Patricia, thank you for your comment. I have passed your question on to Global Healing Center; I will be in touch again as soon as I have their reply. Meanwhile, stay healthy!

    2. Hello again, Patricia – I have a reply to your query from Global Healing Center:

      “Barry, Thank you for your email! Our general guideline is to consider taking supplements at least 2-3 hours away from medications to avoid interaction. Aside from this we do also suggest speaking to your primary care physician or a reputable practitioner to help you. (See below)

      With this in mind, ideally you can accommodate your supplemental needs, but please feel free to contact the Global Healing Center if you find that we can further assist you.”

      Dr. Emma Kruger is a practitioner in your area who is trained in traditional medicine as well as naturopathic/holistic treatment, you might want to contact her if you need more clarity.

  2. How do you take it?daily? How long do you have to take it before you notice the difference?

  3. First off I would like to say that I don’t take any medication and try to avoid even Advil for headaches (which I rarely have anyway) so I’m very skeptical of everything. (I’m 52) gone through menopause recently….I lost all interest in sex. I mean I actually thought if I never have sex again it’s okay. I never said this to my husband, but I didn’t want to keep turning him down….I had to look for some answer to this issue.(after having a very strong sex life) and started having night sweats which are quite aggravating….I came across Global Health and thought “what the heck, I’ll give it a try”. I started taking it on Feb. 8th. I haven’t had any night sweats since Feb. 11th. And my libido is back! I feel “normal” again.
    I’m also taking the Tumeric (no achy anymore….it’s pretty amazing) I’m going to start taking GH’s iodine product as soon as it gets here next week. I’m hoping it will help me to lose the menopause weight. Also, I just feel good everyday. I also feel happy…..all of the time. With menopause, there were days that I wondered if I’d ever “feel happy” ever again.

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