How to Lung Cleanse – Whether You Smoke or Not

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how to lung cleanse

How to Lung Cleanse

The question of how to lung cleanse is something we should all benefit from doing, whether we smoke or not. After all, you don’t have to be a smoker to have polluted lungs! See the top 5 reasons you need lung cleansing.

Pollution is everywhere. We breathe in toxic gases and other pollutants from motor vehicles, factories, chemical products and, yes, even the carpets in our homes. Think of dust mites and their droppings!

how to clean lungs from tar

Most people spend only about 10% of their time outdoors. Little do they realize that indoor air usually has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals than outdoor air. Many illnesses are caused or made worse by indoor air pollution.

Regular use of a lung-cleansing supplement spray can help your lungs clean out these toxins so that your respiratory system can function optimally.

Herbs to Clean Your Lungs

how to lung cleanse for smokers

Plants such as peppermint, lungwort, eucalyptus and osha root have been used for centuries by people of different cultures to treat respiratory conditions.

There’s no need for you to try to search out separately each of these and other herbs that clean lungs. Global Healing Center have taken ten organic herbs, plus nascent iodine and peppermint and menthol essential oils, to formulate their lung cleanse supplement called AllerTrex, which you can easily order online.

How to lung cleanse for smokers

Best Supplement for Lung Health

How to lung Cleanse with Global Healing Center’s AllerTrex

The product is made with organic and wild-grown herbs. It’s GMO-free and alcohol-free. There are no side-effects from taking the supplement. You can take it at any time to assist with breathing or some other respiratory difficulty. In the morning or at bedtime would be a good time to take Allertrex.

AllerTrex comes in a spray bottle. You can initiate your lung cleanse by spraying it into your mouth as follows:

  • For adults: 6 sprays, 3 times daily.
  • 6 – 12 years: 4 sprays, 3 times daily.
  • 3 – 6 years: 2 sprays 3 times a day.

Method: Spray into the mouth, inhale deeply 3 times, then swallow the remaining liquid.

See Verified AllerTrex Reviews:

Lou: Best product ever for my lungs! I am on my third bottle and plan to always keep it on hand.”

Warbaby: I will be trying this product again. This really helped me. Good-tasting and worked right away.

Bill: “It works for me. I was apprehensive at first but impressed at how well it made breathing easier while eliminating the burning sensation in my lungs. I love this product!”

Where to Buy AllerTrex

Allertrex where buy

How to do a Lung Detox with Castor Oil

Did you know that you can also do a lung detox using castor oil? People have been using castor oil packs for a long time for drawing toxins out of the lungs, uterus, liver and digestive system.

However, you must use organic, cold-pressed castor oil to make the pack; chemically-extracted oil will have lost some of its vital compounds and will not be as effective.

lung cleanse detoxification

Orange peel can also assist the lungs in cleansing themselves because of its histamine-reducing action. It’s not only the fruit itself that is rich in vitamin C, the rind is also, as well as having good amounts of vitamin A, pectin, enzymes and fiber. They help to break down and eliminate congestion.

Because the thick consistency of orange peel makes it prone to the accumulation of toxins such as pesticides and herbicides, always select organically-grown oranges.

You can add chopped-up orange peel to smoothies, recipes or home-made fruit-and-nut bars. The grated rind can be sprinkled over desserts or added to your favorite yogurt.

This is how to lung cleanse the natural way. If you’ve never used Allertrex before, why not give it a try? Imagine how good it would feel to be able to breathe without difficulty again!

how to clean lungs from tar

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