How to Prevent Parkinson’s Disease From Becoming Worse

parkinsons disease symptoms
how to prevent parkinsons disease

Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Guidelines

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative brain disease. The brain’s condition degenerates when nerve cells in the part of the brain called the substantia nigra die off. How can you prevent Parkinson’s Disease from getting worse?

These nerve cells manufacture a substance called dopamine, which is an essential neurotransmitter. As the nerve cells become fewer, less dopamine is produced.

parkinsons disease symptoms
Dopamine and Serotonin Pathways in the Brain

Losing dopamine leads to an increasing loss of body control. This, in turn, can lead to a deluge of other mental and physical symptoms that combine to steadily devastate a person’s life.

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There are 3 simple steps from normal health to Parkinson’s Disease:

Nerve cells die off in the substantia nigra… dopamine production is reduced… Parkinson’s Disease results.

Almost all standard medical treatments begin at the second step – they aim to increase dopamine. This may sound sensible at first. However, the problem is that they are tackling a disease that has already started.

They are not addressing the underlying cause. It’s like bailing out the water from a sinking boat, instead of fixing the leak. You can only bail for so long before you sink.

The reason why most sufferers become so ill with Parkinson’s is that few treatments seem to tackle step one: the demise of the substantia nigra cells. You can see why it makes sense to target the initial cause of this awful condition.

Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Cured?

Fortunately, we have choices about how Parkinson’s Disease plays out.

Science has proved that it’s not “genetic”; it’s a basic disorder with acknowledged causes. We’ve seen that the loss of substantia nigra cells, through the loss of dopamine, eventually leads to Parkinson’s Disease.

Health-care providers sometimes prescribe dopamine-enhancing drugs and occupational therapy. These can help to manage problems with movement, stiffness and balance. However, even the most effective medications can come with unpleasant side effects. They can also become less effective as time goes on. As they fail, your health would deteriorate even more.

What kind of future would you have?

the parkinsons protocol review

How Does Parkinson’s Disease Affect the Brain?

Your movements would become slower, you would experience sleeping problems, low moods and anxiety. You might even begin to lose your sense of smell. Eventually, you would forget how you passed the previous day.

People sometimes joke about those things and put them down to aging. Yet, it’s no joke when you’re losing your ability to control your own body.

None of this needs to happen to you. You can stop the shaking hands, sleep like a lamb and recall the important details about your life with ease. You can feel wonderful again.

How can you prevent Parkinson’s from getting worse? Firstly, you can tackle your dopamine loss by working on the fundamental cause of that loss. Secondly, increase your dopamine production using drug-free methods. Increasing dopamine will fight Parkinson’s Disease head-on and can bring rapid improvements.

Thirdly, you can address each of your symptoms – anxiety, shaking, stiffness and so on – directly. Appropriate changes to your daily habits can reduce those symptoms to almost nothing.

The Parkinson’s Protocol

Parkinson’s can be tackled on so many fronts. Although there is no apparent cure for the disease, you’ve at least discovered how to prevent Parkinson’s Disease from progressing. By following The Parkinson’s Protocol, you can improve your quality of life over time. The health benefits you’ll get can overwhelm the negatives of the disease.

You will discover that Parkinson’s is not the grim, life-destroying pronouncement that many believe it to be. Go ahead and unlock The Parkinson’s Protocol. It’s just a download away…

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