Using Light-and-Sound Machines to Increase Benefits of Meditation

light and sound machines
“A stunning visual experience!”

If you feel that life is giving you more stress than you can handle, light and sound machines can help you to literally change your mind! This should prove especially helpful if you are new to meditation.

The light-and-sound machines created by MindPlace use a special high-frequency signal that directly controls the lights in a meditation session. This allows for perfect synchronization between visual and audial stimulation. The resulting experience will probably be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

light and sound machines

You can choose from among the 50 or more built-in programs, each one serves a different purpose. Simply select the session you want, put on your Ganzframes (“complete field” frames) and headphones, sit back and enjoy the wonderful experience. It can be for meditation, relaxation, stimulation or just plain fun, depending on your chosen session.

The Technology Behind Light-and-Sound Machines

The “Light” Part Explained

The “light” part of the adventure uses stimulating, colored LED light that can lead to dream-like patterns that transport your mind to interesting and transformational spaces. How it works is that your mind responds to these stimuli by falling into step with the flicker frequency. The Ganzframes respond instantly to programmed flickers and deliver a sharp, harmonized expanding and receding geometrical display that wraps your eyes in a beautiful spectrum of pure color.

The “Sound” Part Explained

The “sound” part of a session uses isochronic tone pulses or binaural beats to guide your mind toward systematical, beneficial ranges of mind states. These vibrations fall within 5 basic ranges:

  • from delta, the lowest frequency, that you experience during sleep and unconsciousness,
  • to theta, the “dream” frequency,
  • to alpha, the “relaxation” frequency,
  • then to beta, the “waking” frequency,
  • lastly, to very fast waves, gamma, considered to be “encoding” or ” integrating” waves.

The frequency ranges of the MindPlace light-and-sound machines can easily cover any one of these mind states. You can use the pre-programmed binaural or pulse waves or you can customize and personalize them to your needs. The lights flicker in perfect sync with the sound as it plays.

Each of the MindPlace machines has “audio in” so you can add your own soundtrack if you prefer. Alternatively, to expand beyond the basic, you can choose from among their numerous preset sessions that are designed for specific mind states. Additional sessions are available to download for free.

With MindPlace light-and-sound machines you can sit back and immerse yourself in an incredible multi-sensory experience.

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