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Move the air for better cannabis growth

The health of cannabis depends on the air

Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, proper airflow is critical. Here are tips on how to create a healthy environment for your cannabis plants.

Cannabis requires a lot of expensive, specialized equipment to grow properly. But there are many less expensive ways to improve growing conditions. Air movement is one avenue that can make your garden more successful and increase the yield of your plants.

Heat, air, and light are all essential for the growth of cannabis plants. Without heat, the humidity in the air around your plants will make it difficult for them to thrive; without enough light, your plants won’t grow correctly or fast enough; and without moving air around their environment, your plants will suffer from lack of oxygen and over saturation of carbon dioxide. Learn how you can boost these elements to ensure the healthy growth of cannabis plants in your garden with these tips!

Install fans inside your grow room or greenhouse to improve the airflow. Stagnant air enables mold spores and flying insects to settle on your plants and damage them. Moving the air helps keep these critters at bay. You don’t need a strong wind; a gentle breeze will do—just enough to rustle the leaves. Airflow also helps the plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, which is necessary for photosynthesis to take place. Plants do not grow or even survive without this gas exchange.

Air circulation is one of the most important elements of growing cannabis.

Keep the air moving to help control pests and diseases, and to keep your plants “breathing” well.

If the airflow in your grow room is not adequate, you will find your plants wilting and diseased, even when they are receiving plenty of light, water, and nutrients.

Using the right lighting system, and fans or a humidifier are key to growing healthy cannabis indoors. You can also use fans to solve the problem of a hot indoor environment that isn’t providing adequate ventilation. Use an exhaust fan to create negative pressure in your grow room, which will help pull out warm, stagnant air and replace it with fresh air. For example, a bathroom fan is designed for this purpose.

When growing cannabis, most growers will want to use an air pump and air stones. The benefit of using an air pump is that it doesn’t get blocked by rafts, the only problem is that the bubbles could carry away oxygenated water from the roots and prevent them from getting what they need. This is why it’s recommended that growers to use small amounts of air and keep the bubble size at about 0.5 mm so as not to lift off any extra moisture from their plants.

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