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Paper collars for better growth of your cannabis

Paper collars for your cannabis plant

A paper collar for growing cannabis plants. Plants will grow better with this collar than without.

A cannabis grower’s dream, these paper collars help your plants to breathe.

Plant weed in paper collars for better growth of your cannabis. Paper collars are a unique and superior way to grow cannabis that produces more, trimmer yields than traditional hydroponic systems.

Plant with paper collars, you can give your plants better support so they grow straight up and you get more usable weed. The collars are made from food-grade paper and can be removed when needed.

Paper collars make it much easier to control the growth of your cannabis. Paper collars keep the plant weed in one place, allowing you to cut them off at the right time. This will help you make multiple harvests possible, with a smaller space between each harvest.

Tarpaper collar for your cannabis plant.

A tarpaper collar is a flat piece of tarpaper, roofing shingle, plastic, or similar flexible and durable material about 5 inches (12.5 cm) square (or in diameter if round). Punch a hole in the middle that is the same size as your plant’s stem. This will allow the collar to fit snugly around the plant’s stem. Cut a straight slit from the side directly to the hole in the middle. Spread the slit open and slide the collar into position so that it lays on the ground, completely covering the soil that surrounds the base of your plant. This is very effective against root maggots, which are the larvae of certain flies. The adult female fly wants to lay her eggs right at the base of the stem at the soil line. Her eggs hatch into maggots that eat all the roots of your plants. With the tar paper collar in place, she cannot lay her eggs because the base of the stem is hidden under the collar. No eggs, no maggots.

Use copper tape as an alternative

The copper tape makes a fairly effective barrier against slugs and snails because the mollusks do not like to slime their way across copper. Garden centers carry copper tape made expressly to repel slugs and snails. First, find and eliminate (hand-pick) all the slugs and snails from your plots and pots.
Fasten the copper tape to the frame of raised beds, the sides of your pots, or along a border around your outdoor plot.

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