Natural Remedies, Healthy Living Best tips for growing cannabis Put a layer of sand or perlite over the potting media.

Put a layer of sand or perlite over the potting media.

When you grow cannabis:

Put a layer of sand or perlite over the potting media to maintain sufficient oxygen in your reservoir and prevent root rot.

As a grower, you can add sand or perlite on the top surface of your potting media such as coco-coir. This will help increase airflow to improve humidity and reduce moisture buildup.

Put a layer of sand or perlite over the potting media. The layer of sand will protect the roots from decomposition by allowing oxygen in and keeping soil out, whereas perlite is puffed volcanic glass that provides aeration.

If you are growing your cannabis plants in soil, wrap a layer of sand or perlite around the root zone. This will help prevent the media from drying out during dry weather.

You can achieve this effect by using a mix that contains perlite or vermiculite. Alternatively, you can add some to your preferred planting mixture. This will give your plant root systems plenty of space to grow large and strong whilst keeping them well-supplied with oxygen. This increases the rate at which nutrients penetrate the soil and reach your plant’s roots – ensuring they thrive in the best possible conditions!

Cannabis loves to grow in loose, aerated soil.

When you grow cannabis, cover the potting media with a layer of sand or perlite. This will help control the moisture levels in your pot and ensure that there is adequate drainage.

A 1-inch-thick (2.5 cm) layer of inorganic material such as sand or perlite on top of your potting media helps to exclude fungus gnat larvae from potted plants both indoors and outdoors. Fungus gnats are tiny black flying insects that lay their eggs in the soil.
After hatching, gnat larvae eat fungi, organic matter, and the roots of your marijuana plants. They’re especially common in moist, organic potting media. When you add a layer of inorganic sand or perlite on top of the potting media, adult fungus gnats are unable to reach the soil to lay eggs in your containers. (Use caution when handling perlite, however, because breathing in perlite dust can damage your lungs.)

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