Remove pests by hand

General tips to protect cannabis from pests

Remove pests by hand from your cannabis. Using natural, non-toxic products to help prevent them from coming back.

You can remove pests by hand from your cannabis. Take care of your plants by gently lifting the leaves, one at a time, and looking for signs of bugs. Pests may appear in various places on the plant.

A lot of pests can be identified by their appearance, but it is important to remove pests by hand to avoid leading them back to your cannabis.

Each stage of growth presents opportunities for you to create healthy conditions, remove pests by hand, and eradicate the disease.

Cannabis is a delicate plant.

You should pay attention to this when caring for your plants because pests can be a problem. Many different types of pests could affect your cannabis, and all are considered unwanted guests. So there are several important things to know about how to get rid of pests on cannabis; some are more effective than others and some require more time, but in the end, it will not only keep your weed happy but also save money long-term.

Be sure to inspect your plants at least once a week for pests, giving your plants the same scrutiny that you would give any other plant in your home.

Best tips for removing pests

Some insect pests, such as slugs and snails, caterpillars, earwigs, beetles, and weevils, are large enough to remove by hand. Use your bare or gloved hands, or try a tool such as kitchen tongs to pick them up if you’re too squeamish to handle them. Crush pests with your fingers or dump them into a jar of soapy water and they’ll die instantly. You can also hold a jar of soapy water under a pest on a leaf and knock the creature into the jar.

Pluck slugs and snails off plants and drop them in salt water or beer (though it’s a shame to use perfectly good beer for this purpose). When you’re weeding or cultivating your crop, if you notice cutworms in the soil, dig them out and destroy them.

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