Sound-Healing Frequencies: How Sound Healing Works

Based on an Article by Alexander J. Wilson

Discover the Magic of Sound-Healing Frequencies

People have known this for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Long before modern science, shamans used sound to induce a trance-like state in other people. Healers used sound and complex rituals to trigger the healing process of their patients; military leaders used sound to inspire and get their troops motivated for battle.

Sound is powerful. Actually, what is powerful is not the sound itself – what we perceive – but rather the vibration of sound. This interacts with us and creates emotions and states within our bodies.

Now, I’m not talking about music. Sure, music has a very strong effect, too. Listen to a sad song and you’ll be sad. Listen to a happy song and you’ll boost your mood.

But while this is important, I’m talking rather about rhythmic vibrations that operate at certain frequencies and which interact both with the water in our bodies and with our DNA.

You can use sound to improve your health, to boost your creativity, to increase your focus and even to become a better communicator with those around you.

Yes, it’s that powerful. But since you may have never heard of this before, let me explain how all of this works.

The best way to do this is to play music to a two- or three-year-old. You’ll notice something interesting. He’ll dance. Even if he has no idea what dancing is, he will automatically dance to the music.

We have a Natural Connection with Rhythmic Vibrations

Most adults just find this amusing. However, it’s proof of a deeper truth, one that has been revealed through countless experiments. This is that we have a natural, automatic connection with the surrounding vibrations. We’re automatically influenced by them.

Rhythmic vibrations are something we naturally detect and follow. Scientists don’t really know why but some assume that we’ve developed this ability to better understand the world.

Others say since everything is “matter vibrating at a high speed”, since all that is around us is nothing but energy vibrating, giving the impression of solid matter, this ability to connect with the vibrations around us – and to be affected by them – is found in our DNA. It’s as natural as life itself.

We don’t know how but we know it is true. Even weapons are developed and used to incapacitate people through sound. It’s real. It exists right now. And people have also used sound as a form of alternative medicine since ancient times.

Great leaders and minds of the past discovered that sound can be used for everything from inspiring fear to bringing comfort and joy to calming groups of people and even to healing grave diseases.

And this means two things for you.

The Uses of Sound

Firstly, you can learn how to protect yourself. Sound is not used only offensively. There is a long history of using sound for keeping crowds under control, to stifle creativity and to dull the emotions. Sound as a pacifying weapon is nothing new and Nazi Germany used this to great effect.

Back then, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, an evil man who used every tool at his disposal to sell the great Nazi lie, used sound at 440 HZ to keep the masses under control. He discovered through several experiments that people, when exposed to this frequency even for a short time, are dulled and are less likely to rebel.

Some historians say his use of the 440 HZ in music, speeches and announcements was a major tool for preventing the German people, tired of war and suffering, from rebelling against the Nazi war machine.

While this is rare nowadays due to people’s access to information, some dictators and totalitarian leaders still use a sound at a 440 HZ frequency to keep crowds under control, dulling their instincts to rebel or to act against the interests of the leader.

Using Sound to Heal

Secondly, you can learn how to use sound to heal yourself and improve your life.

This may also be the most important thing you can do for your development as a person. If used properly, sound can change your life. It can change the frequencies at which you operate so you become a better person.

You can turn pain into joy.

Suffering can be turned into hope.

Conflict can be turned into love.

You can do all this with the help of vibrations through the power of sound.

The Solfeggio Frequencies

All healing frequencies are based on the seven solfeggio scales. These are ancient scales that can be tracked back to a medieval hymn of John the Baptist. It is the music of God and they have used it to heal and to bring comfort as early as 1000 AD.

Each frequency has a specific effect on your body.

The first one is 396 HZ. This turns grief into joy and it is a very strong natural anti-depressant. Use it if you are going through a period of pain or suffering and you would like to be happy again.

The second one is 417 HZ. Using this frequency, you’ll cleanse traumatic experiences and facilitate change. It’s useful if something bad happened to you and you can’t move on. They have also used it to treat stress, even stress disorders and to calm anxious patients.

The “Earth” Frequency

The third one is very important. It is 528 HZ, and it is the natural frequency of the Earth. This is the frequency at which nature vibrates and they prove it to repair DNA.

It was used back in 1930 by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to cure cancer patients, with a 100% success rate. Since cancer treatment is big business, earning hundreds of billions per year, this discovery was quickly buried and forgotten.

This frequency is also used to manifest miracles in your life. It’s the frequency at which you’ll manifest, you’ll attract whatever you desire most. The closer you operate to this frequency, the better in sync you are in nature and the more likely you are to attract everything you desire.

The fourth frequency is 638 HZ. Using this frequency you become a better spouse, a better friend and a better communicator. It promotes empathy and releases anger, allowing you to better connect with those around you.

It’s also a useful frequency to listen together with your spouse, as it creates a bridge of understanding and love between the two of you. It brings people together.

The fifth frequency, 741 HZ. Use this to develop your power of self-expression. It makes you a better writer and a better creator. Many famous authors exposed themselves to 741 HZ during their writing process to create their masterpieces.

It’s also known for cleaning you of toxins, improving your health and boosting your immune system.

The sixth frequency is 852 HZ. It is especially useful if you feel lost from a spiritual perspective. Many people testified that they’ve rediscovered God after being exposed to this frequency. While nobody knows how it works, it makes everything clear and helps you see life and existence as it truly is.

The seventh and final frequency is 963 HZ. This is the frequency of God. Listen to it, expose yourself to it to heal and to empower your inner child, to become once again filled with hope and joy and laughter and to restore yourself to who you once were.

I’ve seen people who lost all faith in living, all hope, go through this and return with the same spirit, hope and ambition of a 20-year-old.

It is hard to understand how effective these are until you try them. It’s almost a miracle how 30 minutes of exposing yourself to a frequency like 396 HZ can take your sadness away and make you smile and grin and not even know how.

It is hard to believe how well people will react to you after you expose yourself to 638 HZ. You’ll be able to get your point across better and even make people fall in love with you. It’s so effective that you’ll see it as a miracle, this is how I’ve seen it when I first started with this.

But how does this work? Why does it happen the way it does?

How the Frequencies Work

To help you understand, we must delve into the science of Cymatics and an experiment conducted by Masaru Emoto.

Mr. Emoto, a world-renowned scientist, tried a simple experiment. He exposed water to different frequencies and to music. Then he froze the water and photographed the crystals through a high-powered camera.

His findings surprised him.

The water that was exposed to the seven solfeggio scales developed beautiful, symmetrical geometrical shapes, similar to snowflakes. The water that was exposed to rock music and to unnatural frequencies like 440 HZ, the frequency used in Nazi Germany, looked polluted and monstrous by comparison.

This experiment has been repeated many times, and the results had always been the same. Classical music that is played mostly using 432 HZ, one of the seven solfeggio scales, built beautiful geometric patterns. Unnatural tones that cause discomfort and pain to humans lead to uneven, ugly shapes.

But do you know what?

Sound Therapy is Not Something New

While this is one of the best-known examples of cymatics, this is nothing new. They knew it in ancient Greece and Egypt. Long before laboratories and cameras existed, people in ancient times created geometrical shapes using sounds.

You may wonder, though – why does it matter? Isn’t it just like a party trick?

Not really.

Your body is made up of about 80% water. Your body is also made 100% of energy, as everything around us is.

Energy vibrating at fast speeds gives the impression of matter, solidity. This is elementary high-school physics.

Since water is one of the main building blocks of your body, how it reacts to the vibrations around you, matters. And this is only what we can observe.

Some scientists think vibrations affect your DNA at the most elementary level, but we don’t have the tools to observe this. We can only observe what it does to water and the effects are extraordinary.

And even without these tests, even without these experiments, you know this already. You know how some vibrations make you feel relaxed and happy while others make you sick. You know well that classical music will improve your concentration and make you smile while rock music can make you aggressive.

If you stop just for a second and observe the world around you, all of this will make sense, with or without understanding the science behind it.

This is why I’ve fine-tuned and created Manifestation Magic around carefully-selected solfeggio scales, especially around 432 HZ.

432 HZ is the favorite frequency of Mozart and Beethoven. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many mothers-to-be play classical music by these two composers to their unborn children. It boosts emotions. It brings joy and a state of well-being, something that all the seven solfeggio scales achieve. This is especially effective.

The “Manifestation Magic” Program

Manifestation Magic is a program of brainwave entrainment built around these solfeggio scales, enhanced with NLP hidden commands. This means it uses sound strategically to help your brain relax and improve, to bring you joy and creativity and to make you feel better in your own skin.

The NLP commands are hidden, embedded messages that will rebuild who you are from the ground up so you can automatically become a successful person. It’s like an architect that changes your beliefs, eliminating what doesn’t work for you and adding new ones that do work so you can be the best version of yourself.

So what can you expect when you use “Manifestation Magic”?

How “Manifestation Magic” Works

The program works on three different levels.

Firstly, the selected solfeggio scale will boost your mood. It will make you happy. Some users, after using Manifestation Magic, reported feeling as if they’d eaten their favorite dessert.

I don’t know how it will work for you specifically but almost everyone who uses it ends up in a joyful state, full of hope and passion.

Secondly, the brainwave entrainment acts like vitamin C for your brain. This means it makes everything better. You’ll vibrate on the same frequency as your innermost desires and you’ll slowly manifest everything you desire into your life.

Brainwave entrainment will make you have a good day every day, through the simple fact that you’ll manifest small and big miracles in everything you do.

Thirdly, the NLP commands change who you are at your core. It helps you get rid of beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never be successful”. It helps you be confident and powerful and gives you that jolt to pursue the life you truly desire.

So with “Manifestation Magic”, you don’t get one benefit – you get three.

You will relax and improve your brain with the seven solfeggio scales and especially with the 432 HZ frequency. You’ll help yourself vibrate at the level of what you truly desire so you can manifest those small and big miracles. You’ll improve who you are by changing your beliefs at the most basic level, helping you eliminate limiting beliefs and replacing them with a sense of power and potential.

And how do you use all of this?

How to Use Manifestation Magic

It’s as simple as putting your headsets on and listening to the program. You don’t have to do anything else. There’s no workbook. There’s nothing to study. You listen and let it happen.

I suggest you use it before sleep. Don’t use it when you drive or operate machinery because it may distract you. However, you can do it at home or at your office. If you feel that your spouse might enjoy this too, then do it together. “Manifestation Magic” is known to bring peace and happiness to couples, especially after a period of stress and fighting.

There is just one thing you should do, though, but it’s easy enough:

Think carefully of what you want and set your intention. If you don’t get clear on your goals, on what it is you desire, it’s nearly impossible to manifest it. I’m not talking about setting goals or anything like that, although it can be useful.

Rather, get clear.

Do you want love in your life? What should this person look like? Tall? Short? Plump or slim? What occupation? What music should they like?

I’ve had many customers do a simple exercise, write exactly what they wanted from their significant other, from the person who’d be ideal in their life, up to their ticks and small habits.

And guess what?

Many of them attracted this person. Some got married in three months after listening to “Manifestation Magic”. Sometimes, the person they’ve attracted was so much like in their description it felt like they were casting for a movie role.

This is the power of manifestation.

Need More Cash?

And it can be something other than love. It can be money. Do you want more wealth in your life? Maybe a better-paid job? Maybe a sum of money?

Think about it. If it is a car, write down the model, the color and even the extras. Does it come with one of those fancy iPads? Does it come with massage seats? Is it red or black or what color would you like?

The more specific you get, the easier it will be for you to manifest something into your life. It’s hard to explain why it works but each time I visualize and think about what I desire, especially in great detail, I end up gaining it.

It’s not always the same. Maybe your ideal partner would be blonde and the person you attract is black-haired. But from experience, in my life and in the lives of my friends, about 80% of it will come true, as if you were creating it with your own mind.

And you will be creating it with your own mind. This is the definition of manifestation.

You manifest a new reality.

And for this, you need to get my program, “Manifestation Magic”, get clear on what you want and listen to the program daily.

From a source unknown, that you can’t even predict, you’ll receive your gift from the universe. It’s so hard to explain or to understand until you experience it! But once you do, you’ll be a believer for the rest of your life.

It’s like being blind all your life and now you can finally see!

So get started and discover how “Manifestation Magic” can help you manifest the life you deserve.

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