How to Stay Focused and Avoid Fatigue – Naturally

Stay Focused Avoid Fatigue

How to Stay Focused and Avoid Fatigue

Dr. Al Sears is one of the world’s foremost natural-health practitioners. He makes numerous trips to remote places to source the best plant materials to formulate his supplements.

One morning, while he was trekking through the Peruvian jungle, his guide offered him some tea made from the seeds of a local fruit called guarana. It smelled of maple and had a pleasant, sweet taste.

The result was not what he expected.

He kept waiting for the energy “crash” that usually comes after consuming a sugary drink. Yet, even after trekking another 15 rugged miles, he had no feeling of fatigue. Also, his mind was crystal clear and he felt incredibly focused. He had experienced all-day energy.

With his discovery of that little Amazonian fruit, he was sure he had the makings of a new brain-boosting supplement.

Recharge Primal Force

There’s an essential brain-boosting vitamin called thiamine that enables your brain to convert simple carbohydrates into energy. Now, it’s well known that the brain has a membrane of super-dense cells that controls what substances can enter the brain from the bloodstream. It’s there to prevent harmful molecules from getting in.

The problem is that it begins locking out benign molecules, too – and thiamine is one of them.

When too much thiamine is blocked off, your brain cannot produce sufficient energy. Brain fog rolls in. You’ll end up feeling mentally and physically exhausted long before the day is done. A thiamine deficiency is taking its toll on you.

Meet Dr. Al Sears:

The Thiamine Solution

Asian nutritional scientists have discovered that combining 2 thiamine molecules enables this combo (now called sulbutiamine) to cross from the blood to the brain with ease. Your brain absorbs the nutrient as easily as switching on a light. You can experience:

  • Super alertness, no more foggy thinking;
  • Sharper focus and concentration;
  • Strong, sustained memory, no more forgetfulness;
  • Staying active and motivated the whole day, instead of feeling run-down.
Best supplement for brain function

Dr. Al Sears’ Brain-Boosting Formula

After reviewing the studies on this “super-thiamine” compound, Dr. Sears personally put it to the test. He described how he “almost immediately felt a boost of energy and enhanced mental clarity”. It reminded him of the all-day energy he had enjoyed while trekking through the mountains of Peru. This would become an ingredient in his new anti-fatigue supplement, Recharge!

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Your brain thrives when it’s powered up by a high-energy fuel. Sulbutiamine injects vital thiamine into your brain cells like a fuel injector. It works to keep you sharp and alert even after a long, hard day.

The Second Brain-Boosting Ingredient

Guarana fruit
Guarana fruit

Combined with the power of sulbutiamine would be the seed from Peru, guarana. Although it is a member of the caffeine family, it is not the same kind that is present in coffee.

The slow-release caffeine in guarana does not give you the up-and-down crash that you get from coffee. That’s how Dr. Sears could keep going strong the whole day in Peru.

The double-thiamine ingredient, sulbutiamine, and guarana seed became the 2 major brain-boosting ingredients in Recharge.

Recharge is an energy formula and brain-health formula in one. It fires up your energy core while loading you up with brain-boosting power. It helps you face your day with energy and focus.

As if that’s not enough, there’s more to Recharge than thiamine and guarana seed for protecting and nourishing your brain. There are other nootropics included in the formula, such as lemon balm, ginkgo biloba, acai berry, vitamins and minerals.

Isn’t it time to Recharge your brain with energy and focus?

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