Turn off lights at night

Turn off lights for the night for growing cannabis

The off-light will protect your cannabis from insects

In the spring and summer, indoor and outdoor lighting attracts moths at night, which batter against window screens and loop crazily around lightbulbs. These moths lay eggs that hatch into
caterpillars that love to eat your marijuana plants. Turn off unnecessary outdoor lighting and block indoor lights that shine through windows to avoid luring these pests into your growing area.

The cannabis plant is a sun-loving plant.

So it’s important to give your plants enough hours of light each day. When you are looking at the lighting options you must provide your plants with a light cycle this matches where they grow naturally. For example; This means 12/12 (12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark) during the vegetative period and 18/6 during the flowering period. If you’re using fluorescent lights, we recommend using two 40W bulbs. A 60W HPS bulb can also be used, but use one 160W bulb instead if going into bloom. Keep in mind that the lights will generate heat and take up space near your plants, which can something may need to consider while planning out space.

To ensure the growing cannabis get adequate rest, please turn off all lights in the grow room after you have harvested the cannabis.

Turning off lights at night is the best way to reduce energy consumption. Flowering cannabis in a grow room with high-intensity lighting will burn through a lot of energy. During the day, these lights are turned on and algae or ferns use a lot of the energy produced by them. If you turn the lights off at night, your plants will have time to go into “sleep” mode during which it uses significantly less energy than during their active phase.

The light in your grow room can become very expensive to run as it generates a lot of heat, uses electrical energy, and costs money to cool. There are two ways to reduce the cost of lighting your cannabis plants:

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