Use netting for your cannabis

The best insect protection for cannabis

Netting is an important tool to help secure your cannabis plants. Make sure to place a net on top of the plants so that they do not fall over, causing harm to them.

The secure, durable, and versatile nature of netting allows it to succeed in many different industries. Use it for your cannabis, a garden bed or to protect against pests in the yard.

Netting will protect your crops from harmful insects, birds, and animals

The advantage of using netting is that it helps control the amount of sunlight, preventing the leaves from getting sunburned. Sun damage can ruin the taste and aroma of your cannabis.

Many growers use black netting to cover their plants while they grow. This helps deter insect infestation, protects the plant from excessive sunlight, and retains moisture in the soil—all of which can help increase yield. Netting is relatively inexpensive, so even if it doesn’t work for you, it won’t cost much to experiment with it.

This is a convenient protection for your marijuana.

Flexible plastic netting can also be used to deter deer and rabbits from accessing and eating your marijuana. Because deer will push against the mesh to reach the plants, attach it to a sturdy frame. Nursery supply centers carry deer netting made expressly for keeping deer out of gardens. This is the least expensive deer fence, and possibly the least effective one. Hungry deer will often nose under any loosely attached netting to access the greenery.

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