Use row covers for cannabis planting

The best results are achieved when worm collars are used.

row covers for cannabis planting

This product is designed for use with growing cannabis.

Use worm collars to see the best results in grooving cannabis.

Worm collars are guaranteed to keep worms away. For best results, use worm collars on your cannabis.

The best results are obtained when using worm collars. The worms help break down the organic matter in your garden soil and convert it into an easy-to-digest food for the roots of the plant. They will also help recycle any excess nutrients from your nutrient schedule, returning them to the earth to be used by other plants. Worms are great for growing cannabis, making them especially useful for larger gardens where more maintenance is needed.

Simple barriers made from a durable material such as tarpaper prevent adult root maggot flies from laying their eggs on your plant stems.

worms in the soil for your weed plant.

A cutworm collar is a simple cylinder inserted around the base of an outdoor plant. It can be made of cardboard, such as the tube inside a roll of toilet paper or paper towels; metal, such as a strip of a tin can; or paper, such as a strip cut from a paper cup. Cut a strip 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10.0 cm) long, slit it up one side, and wrap it around the base of the marijuana plant. These plant collars are very effective against cutworm and armyworm damage, especially for young seedlings, because cutworms in the soil won’t cross these physical barriers to reach the tender plants.

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