Wash Laundry Without Harmful Detergent!

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Wash Laundry Without Detergent

How to Wash Laundry Without Detergent

Laundry Magnets do they work

Have you heard of magnets washing laundry? Strange as it might sound, it’s a proven method of washing clothes without laundry detergent. Life Miracle Magnetic Laundry System makes it possible for you to wash laundry without detergent – with spotless results, too.

How does it work?

Now that’s a good question. We’ve become used to the idea that it’s detergents that clean our laundry. The fact is, it’s actually water that does the cleaning. It’s the earth’s most powerful element. Ancient people used it to clean with before they ever knew about soap. Even once they discovered how to use plant-based, soap-like materials for cleaning, they still had to add water.

When you add detergent or soap to water, it alters the surface tension of the water. This causes the water molecules to become more spaced out, which makes it easy for dirt to be loosened and set free into the water.

This is all good and well, except for one thing – detergents contain toxic chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic. These chemicals not only leave a residue on your clothes, they pollute the environment as well.

Here’s how the Magnetic Laundry System works

The Magnetic Laundry System does the same thing, except that it uses magnetic power, not dangerous chemicals. A molecule of water is in itself highly magnetic and has a positive and negative charge.

When the specially-designed magnets rotate with the water in your washing machine, the water’s surface tension changes. The water then effectively cleans your laundry, just as happens with detergents.

The notable difference is that your laundry is cleaned safely for you, your family and the environment.

Different Washing Machine Types

If you have an electronic front-loader washing machine, no problem – you can also safely use the system. In this case, it’s recommended that you place the 2 Magnetic Laundry System units inside the pockets of a pair of trousers or a pair of thick socks before running your cycle.

The Magnetic Laundry System can be safely used in top- and front-loading washers. The system works with 2 magnetic units. The beauty of the System is that you should never need to replace the units. The Magnetic Laundry Warranty is 50 Years. Imagine how many dollars you could save when you wash laundry without detergent for such a long time!

Your washer’s inner drum material does not matter; the System will work with all inner surfaces. The two units might become “stuck” to each other during the washing cycle; however, this is normal and will not alter the effectiveness of the operation. They just need to be submerged or at least in close proximity to the water to perform effectively.

Bleaches and Other Additives

Wash clothes without laundry detergent

You can use bleach and other additives with the Magnetic Laundry System. Just remember, however, the dangers of using toxic chemicals in your home. A good, safe alternative to chlorine would be to use an oxygen-based bleach such as OxiClean, which uses the power of bubbling oxygen to release stains.

What about water temperature? Although it’s common knowledge that hot water removes dirt more easily than cold, the same applies when you use the Magnetic Laundry System.

However, different fabrics and garment types have different temperature requirements and you may continue to implement those. You can nevertheless still expect to get best results with hot water. Test the System in different ways to see which works best in your own situation.

What users are saying about the Magnetic Laundry System

Magnetic Laundry System Reviews

Lori Christie, WA: We have done 5 loads of laundry with the Magnet Laundry System… My husband is a Welder/Machinist/Industrial Mechanic – can we say GRIME? We wash his on warm or hot, depending on what is on them. His clothing is always washed separately and he was amazed they came out clean!”

K.H., Bristol, UK: “The word “miracle” is appropriate since the results were startling. Not only a successful wash with no detergent for the first time in my life but (did I imagine this?) I thought the results were cleaner than usual!”

M.L., Hanceville, AL: “I’m cleaning soiled diapers… this works just as good as the environmentally-friendly versions of detergent. It’s nice not to have to worry about baby’s skin.”

D.W. Chicago, IL: “Surprised at no suds – Amazed at the clothes becoming clean. Love being able to leave the MLS in the washer.”

Summary of Benefits

  • Lowers your water bill by eliminating the rinse cycle;
  • Cleans as well as laundry detergents but without the toxic effects;
  • Saves you a lifetime’s worth of payments for regular detergents;
  • Helps protect the environment by preventing contamination by toxins;
  • Keeps your family safe from noxious chemical perfumes in fabrics.

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When you have the power of the Magnetic Laundry System in your home, it becomes easy to wash laundry without detergent!

Wash Laundry Without Detergent
Wash laundry without detergent!

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