Ways to Cure Herpes Naturally

Hearing that one has the herpes virus would send chills up anyone’s spine. The common hypothesis that there is “no cure” would sound like a death sentence. But what if I told you there could be ways to cure herpes naturally? Would you be interested? Just imagine how it would feel to be free of herpes outbreaks!

ways to cure herpes naturally

Cure Herpes Naturally and Permanently

Humans have been acquainted with the herpes virus for a very long time. Although at least 8 different types have been identified, herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2) are the most common. HSV-1 affects the lips and mouth while HSV-2 typically affects the genital area and usually results from sexual contact with an infected person.

Over-counter herpes treatment might relieve symptoms but will not actually eliminate the virus. The best person to talk about ways to cure herpes naturally would be one who has had first-hand experience in getting rid of herpes permanently. Such a person is Melanie Addington.

Melanie successfully followed a 3-step protocol developed by her father, a medical doctor, to eradicate the herpes virus from her body. She describes the method in detail in her e-book, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol.

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The protocol is really easy to follow and should cost you less than a dollar a day to implement. It can be used to eradicate herpes types 1 and 2 as well as shingles without using any drugs or other toxic chemicals. As long as you follow the instructions there should be no health risks with this treatment.

How does the Ultimate Herpes Protocol Work?

natural home remedies herpesThe system tackles herpes from 3 directions at the same time, ensuring its total destruction:

  • It supercharges your immune system through correct nutrition, giving the virus a mortal blow. Your whole body will benefit from this angle alone.
  • The Protocol will dissolve the virus’ protective coat, rendering it as helpless as a newborn baby against the power of your revitalized immune system.
  • Finally, the virus loses its ability to replicate. Without support, the virus is helpless and can easily be expelled from your system.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Testimonials

Reading about this is one thing but hearing about results that real users obtained is quite another. Here are 3 testimonials from people who followed The Ultimate Herpes Protocol:

get rid herpes permanently

herpes virus treatment natural

natural cures herpes virus

Natural Treatment for Herpes Virus

natural cure genital herpes

Step 1 – Included in the Ultimate Herpes Protocol are the 9 most important steps you need to take to adopt a healthy lifestyle. These steps will boost your immune system, allowing your body’s amazing self-healing mechanism to function properly.

What good will a healing protocol be without a nutrition program? The nutrition information in the e-book will bring to light the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are essential in bringing an end to your problems with herpes.

Step 2 – The main blow to the virus will be a “double-whammy” in the form of 2 ingredients that are applied to the skin, into which it will be absorbed and ultimately dissolve the virus’ protective protein coat. This step will not only remove its protection but ultimately destroy the virus itself.

Step 3 – To prevent the virus from multiplying you’ll need to avoid consuming foods that are rich in arginine as the herpes virus needs this amino acid for its replication. The e-book describes how to stop the virus from making copies of itself by using another amino acid to drive out arginine from the body.

This simple, 3-step formula is probably the best of ways to treat herpes naturally. To maximize your chances of fully eliminating herpes, you can’t do better than follow the steps described in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington.

natural ways cure herpes

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