What is TestRX?

what is testrx

testosterone boosters men over 50

Natural Testosterone Booster for Men Over 40

What is TestRX? Well, you’ve heard of low testosterone. You may actually know it more intimately than you’d like to mention. Estimates put the number of guys with low testosterone at one in three men over 30. And yet hormone replacement therapy is a whole can of worms you’d rather not pursue.

testosterone boosters men over 50But the talk of the health community recently has been a new product called TestRX. The reason? It occupies a unique space for guys with “low T”. It’s not aimed only at guys who want to put on muscle. Instead, it’s formulated for the unique challenges that men face with low testosterone after age 45.

Just as significant, it’s natural and lets a man’s body stimulate its own testosterone production rather than getting it from a synthetic source.

What is Low Testosterone in Men?

Do you have symptoms of low testosterone? That’s erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, fatigue, loss of muscle, smaller testicles and even larger breast (among others). Nice, huh? The impact on sex drive alone is enough to make most guys cringe. And that’s why guys turn to TestRX. It’s because it helps them take back their man hormone and brings quality of life back into the picture.

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Ingredients in TestRX

Now a little more about the ‘natural’ part of TestRX. The product is formulated with vitamins, amino acids and botanicals like tongkat ali that have shown in clinical studies to boost production of this male hormone.

For example, a study published in 2013 found that tongkat ali increased testosterone by 37%. Another ingredient in TestRX, tribulus terrestris, has shown to boost testosterone by 52%. Sex drive, bone thickness, depression and sleep quality all improved, thanks to the ingredients in the TestRX formula.

Low T needs a specific touch in guys once they hit 45 and slowly march into their higher years. The average man loses 10% of testosterone each decade after. And that’s just average. There are many men who lost 90% of their testosterone by the time they turned 70!


Benefits of TestRX

TestRX lets you get that testosterone back naturally and without hormone replacement. With that, it helps men raise their quality of life, with benefits including:

  • Bigger and More Frequent Erections – Testosterone governs your penis size and your ability to get and keep an erection.
  • Increased Muscle Tone – Testosterone is responsible for the synthesis of protein, your body’s building material. In particular, you’ll see a difference in upper and lower body composition.
  • More Strength – One of the ingredients in TestRX, called fenugreek, increased leg press performance by over 25%.
  • Thicker Bones – TestRX should help you thicken bones, too, and lower your chance of falls and bone fractures.
  • Increased Energy – You’ll have more energy with TestRX. You’ll also be in a better mood because low T often leads to depression.

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TestRX is NOT a Steroid!

Steroids are a class of drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone. Steroids have anabolic properties, meaning the ability to ‘build up’, which is why they’re often abused by athletes and some bodybuilders.

TestRX has no testosterone in its formula. That’s why it’s not a steroid. Instead, it’s designed to stimulate your own testosterone production naturally. Its ingredients have shown in countless clinical studies to gently awaken the male body. It puts sex drive, bone density, greater muscle tone and more energy back within your reach.

No needles required – nor the dangers and creepy stories linked to steroids and/or synthetic testosterone.

TestRX Boosts Testosterone Naturally!

That’s the skinny on TestRX.

Buy TestRX to feel like a man at any age, whether you’re 52 or 87, and lift your overall quality of life and enjoy your relationships with others.

Remember, TestRX is guaranteed for 67 days. It comes with live, friendly and discreet customer service support seven days a week. There’s a company behind the product, too – Leading Edge Health. They’re the same folks who make other quality products using natural ingredients, including VigRX Plus.

natural testosterone booster for men over 40

what is testorex

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