Why Meditation Is Important for Your Mental and Physical Health

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Why Meditation Is Important

The mental and physical benefits of meditation are innumerable. We have seen in studies that people who meditate regularly have less stress, are less likely to become ill and have less need for rest.

Why Meditation is Important

Meditation is not solely dependent upon the result. The act of meditating is itself a blissful experience. This is one of the most irresistible reasons why meditation is important. It becomes even more so if you use a meditation machine that delivers a stunning visual experience.

A meditation machine transports one to a state of tranquil awareness and contentment during the entire meditation experience, not just at the end.

In modern-day living, we experience a constant incursion of stress. We are bombarded by unwelcome energies from things such as noise pollution, television, quarrels and angry people. In order to counteract this overwhelming force of distress and negativity, we need a superior strength within ourselves.

Meditation provides a connection to this internal stockpile of cleansing, uplifting energy.

Meditation Helps You Re-connect With Nature

In ancient times, people were surrounded by nature in their daily routines and rites of living. There were no artificial audial vibrations from machinery, vehicles or machinery. Stresses and diseases resulting from urban industrial plants were non-existent. There was the sound of gurgling brooks, the hum of the wind, the scent of the earth, the twinkling of stars in the night sky.

Every aspect of life had its natural tempos as people planted seeds and cultivated their foodstuffs. Observing the cycles of nature, they felt a connection to them. Nowadays, we can live for years without experiencing some direct contact with nature. We disconnect ourselves from our natural origins and our organic, original tempo of life.

Meditation gives us an easy and convenient way to re-enter those lost, natural flows and niceties by shutting out the world around us, letting go of our bodies and clearing the mind of the artificial stress it has consciously or unconsciously accumulated during the course of our lives.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation

Meditation leaves no harmful side-effects and costs nothing, nor will it make you dependent, in the sense of alcohol or drugs. It does, however, provide an elevated feeling of well-being, often compared with a natural “high” that is induced by drugs. This is one aspect of meditation that you can fully embrace for healthy, positive benefits. The human brain and body are extremely complex and can produce chemicals (including as you meditate) that are many times more potent than pharmaceutical drugs.

You can experience an incredible “rush” of energy and happiness, thanks to these hormones and chemicals that the body produces when you meditate. This is just one of the amazing effects of practicing meditation.

Reasons to Meditate

People use meditation for different reasons. Some find it valuable as a tool to enhance work or sports performance, while others use it in addition to, or in place of, psychotherapy. Still others might use it to increase mental functions, such as memory.

Meditation can be a valuable tool for helping someone cope with the aftermath of a tragic event or trauma, and to regain an appreciation of life’s beauties. Then there are those who use meditation as a creative tool for artistic inspiration.

There are countless reasons why meditation is important. It gives us greater and more sustainable energy, sexual energy and serenity; it provides a restfulness that is comparable with deep sleep. One way to help make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place would be for each of us to dedicate some time every day to some meditation practice.

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Why meditation is important for your mental and physical health

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